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Kent Computer Recycling

Our Computer Recycling Services have been recognized as one of the best in the entire North America for many years now. In this country, we’ve also been touted as the best provider of Certified E-Waste Recycling Services. 

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Kent Electronics Recycling

Kent Electronics

Recycling e-waste in Kent is easy with our proven practices and procedures. We have the best people to work for you. So why not rely on us? You have to keep in mind that you need a professional to help you in disposing your e-wastes. 

Kent Data Destruction

Kent Data

Destroying the sensitive data and files in your end-of-life hard drives should be done professionally and securely. That's why you need our proven Data Destruction services. These services come with many options like files wiping and degaussing. 

Kent Hard
Drive Shredding

We offer the best practice in terms of professional Hard Drive Shredding. You don't need to compromise your hard drives with unable persons. Our workers are capable of helping you secure your files and information using our hi-tech facilities and equipment. 

IT Asset Disposition Icon

Kent IT
Asset Disposition 

Making money can be so easy with respect to your end-of-life IT assets. How? Our presence in Kent, Washington, is the answer. We have the best IT Asset Disposition procedures and practices that you can rely on. 

Computer Recycling in Kent, WA

The old and unserviceable computers have harmful substances and toxic chemicals. These elements can harm your health as well as the environment. Thus, the need to recycle and re-use them is a must. But you need our professional help. In Washington, we’re offering Kent Computer Recycling.


This computer recycling is offered to perfectly help you avoid the risks brought by harmful chemicals. The danger that may affect the environment will be rid of.

Stop doubting our professional capability. We’re the best e-waste recycler in the entire North America.

Kent, Washington

Boeing, Boeing Australia, Kent Public Schools, Mikron Industries, REI, Sysco Distribution Center, King County Regional Justice Center, Alaska Airlines and Sysco Seattle Headquarters are the top business-based employers in the City of Kent. Certainly, these business entities are using a massive volume of computers.

As a result, there’s a need to properly and professionally recycle the old and unused computers. By doing so, both environmental damage and the detriment of human health will be avoided. Instead of piling up your electronic gadgets in a stock room or putting them in trash bins, you have to trust us as we serve you with all our best.

Our Computer Recycling in Kent is really professional and world-class.

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The Best in Kent Computer Recycling

In the whole city, All Green’s Kent Computer Recycling is considered as the best and most trusted. We’re the best in this particular service simply because we possess the following features:

  • AGR provides eco­friendly approaches;
  • We have well­trained people to dispose computer equipment;
  • Data security is our main concern during the disposal period;
  • We can recycle any type of computer equipment; and
  • We offer computer recycling as a form of social help.

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