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Kent IT Asset Disposition

Secure & Certified E-Waste Recycling in Kent, the rest of Washington and across the United States. With IT Asset Disposition, Certified Hard Drive Destruction and On-Site Hard Drive Shredding, we are Kent’s premier electronics recycling company.

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Kent Electronics Recycling

Kent Electronics Recycling

Problems on your e-wastes? Just let our proven and tested Electronics Recycling do the best thing for you here in Kent. We have the most trusted practices to recycle and reuse all forms of e-wastes. 

Kent Computer Recycling

After years of existence in this industry, we're here to help you recycle your old computers in Kent. We can serve you with our best e-waste pickup and recycling practices. All we want to do is to make you happy. 

Kent Data Destruction

Kent Data Destruction

If you want your hard drive data and information to be deleted, let our secure and safe Hard Drive Destruction services do the thing for you. We can wipe or crush your information while you watch. We have the best system for this. 

Kent Hard Drive Shredding

Aside from recycling electronics, we also do hard drive shredding. This service is beneficial and helpful. Why? Try to imagine if your data are stolen from your old hard drives. You can be endangered when this happens. Thus, you need our services. 

IT Asset Disposition in Kent, WA

With our pickup trucks available in your city today, you can simply dispose your unwanted IT Asset anytime, anywhere. If you’ve got a problem in disposing the old IT assets, worry no more since we’re here to serve you. The Kent IT Asset Disposition is offered here to accommodate all your e-waste disposal needs.

kent it asset disposition

We’re a great company, according to our clients. We’re an expert providing a world-class e-waste recycling. We can surely help you in disposing your old IT items without worrying for any mess or shortcoming. We’re the most reliable and all our related services are certified and guaranteed as world-class.

Kent, Washington

Kent, being the sixth largest city in the State of Washington and being the third-largest city in the country, surely has big companies that need our IT-related service. This city is populous. Then, the number of people living here is growing each single year because there are great opportunities here.

The increase in population triggers the need to have the best IT Asset Disposition in Kent which we are able to provide. Instead of storing your unwanted computer items in your storage area or putting them in trash bins, contact us now. We can serve people living in this city with all our best.

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  • Orillia, WA

The Best Company for Kent IT Asset Disposition

After serving a lot of cities through the years, we’re a company you can happily rely on. We can give you the best services ever.

You can rely on us because we have been working with integrity and honor. Our assurance is that we’re the best e-waste recycling company.

We provide the best IT Asset Disposition in Kent so that the people living here will be saved from any unwanted shortcoming.

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