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Ann Arbor Computer Recycling

We render E-Waste recycling services in Ann Arbor, the rest of Michigan and in some places across North America. Our expertise in E-Waste recycling management and services has made our way to be the premier electronics recycling company in Ann Arbor.

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Ann Arbor Electronics Recycling

Ann Arbor Electronics

We contribute to minimize current issues on environmental problems through our proven E-Waste Recycling System. Our team will properly manage and handle all of  your electronic wastes.

Ann Arbor Data Destruction

Ann  Arbor Data

Hard Drive Destruction services if not properly done will probably result  to unwanted reactions from the clients. Our Secure Hard Drive Destruction with options to wipe, degauss, crush or shred your data can give you a guaranteed satisfaction.

Ann Arbor Hard Drive Shredding

Ann Arbor Hard Drive

We offer safe and certified shredding of Hard Drives in Ann Arbor and in the adjacent area. We always wanted to deliver satisfactory services to our clients. With your request, we can extend our services through sending our team to demonstrate to you how we properly use our  special hard drive shredding system.

Ann Arbor IT Asset Disposition

Ann Arbor IT Asset

Your End-of-life IT Assets can be a source of headache if not properly managed. With our ITAD services, your old IT Equipment can be your additional source of income. All Green Electronics Recycling can give you options whether to recycle, resell or destroy your old equipment.

Computer Recycling in Ann Arbor, MI

Computer recycling is the process of reusing computers, which are part of e-waste. The parts of old PCs, laptops, and the like are segregated into two: (1) those to be recycled and those to be disposed. If it is done wrong, it can harm the environment. That’s why we offer Ann Arbor Computer Recycling service in a reliable and efficient way. In Michigan, this offer is of high quality. We purposely aim to help you and the environment as well.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor can be found in the State of Michigan. It is the sixth largest population in in this state in 2010 with over 110,000 inhabitants according to Census. With this population, it is true that the city also produces tons of electronic waste daily, monthly and yearly. Hence, the old computers have to be recycled; otherwise, the environment will be risked.

Consequently, we have offered our great service for the people living in this city to enjoy. We’re working hard to make all our clients satisfied.

Our company has pickup trucks ready to pick-up your old computers with just a call away.

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The Best in Ann Arbor Computer Recycling

It is our social responsibility to protect the environment. A lot of people don’t realize the danger of improperly disposing the electronic facilities and equipment.

We’re one of the best companies in the field of e-waste recycling. Luckily, we’re the best company in in this industry because our performance has been so great.

Computer Recycling in Ann Arbor is offered to the people in this community to enjoy. With only just one phone call, you can now dispose your old computers and save the environment.

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