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Ann Arbor Data Destruction

We offer quality and certified services of E-Waste Recycling in Ann Arbor, the rest of Michigan and across the United States. As your service provider, we guarantee that our innovations on electronic recycling are reliable and beneficial.

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Ann Arbor Electronics Recycling

Ann Arbor Electronics

Our e-waste recycling services in Ann Arbor are environment-friendly. Furthermore, in every service that we provide, we assure our customers that their e-wastes can properly be dealt with.

Ann Arbor Computer Recycling

Ann Arbor Computer

For our clients' convenience, we offer effective e-waste pickup and recycling services in Ann Arbor. Our team will ensure to you that our computer recycling options involve proper handling and management.

Ann Arbor Hard Drive Shredding

Ann Arbor Hard Drive

We ensure that your hard drive data is safe with us using our technology. All Green's E-Waste Recycling System is very much willing to send the special hard drive shredding team right to you to assess your needs.

Ann Arbor IT Asset Disposition

Ann Arbor IT Asset

We're your partner in making your end-of-life IT assets monetarily beneficial to you. Contact us and we will help you resell or recycle your IT equipment. We have other options depending on your choice.  

Data Destruction in Ann Arbor, MI

Data destruction can get out of hand when not done right. So you need a well-equipped and highly-trained professionals. Why? It is a process where data is carefully shredded or destroyed from old computer units. We’re the pioneer this industry. We have professionally trained staff and personnel to do the best job for you. In Michigan, Ann Arbor Data Destruction takes care of this particular needed service.


We offer a reliable and safe way. We know how to properly handle everything that will lead to great results. We always takes steps that the people in this great city can truly enjoy.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is found in the State of Michigan. It had over 110,000 inhabitants in 2010. With that number of people occupying this city, it is possible that the rate of electronic waste is getting higher every year. So people need a company that offers a great data destruction service.

Fortunately, we’re offering an effective Data Destruction in Ann Arbor. This particular service is highly reliable. It’s safe and prudent.

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Pioneer in Ann Arbor Data Destruction

It is our personal responsibility to take care of reputation, dignity and honor. That’s why you need to consider our great offer. We are well-trained in removing and destroying all sensitive data and information found in laptops, desktops and the like.

We’re one of the best in this industry. We always make sure that your e-wastes are properly disposed, including all obsolete data.

If you need pickup trucks to get your unwanted IT asset, we also have them. They can serve you during your own convenient time.

Why do you have to try our Data Destruction in Ann Arbor?

The reason is simple: We’re a tested and proven company!

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