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Tucson Data Destruction

Our understanding of US companies need for data security is the very reason why we strive to always be able to provide the quality service that you deserve. We invested on our Untha RS-30 shredder and our state-of-the-art data security system to make sure that we stay on top of competitors. Your welfare is always our number one concern.

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Tucson Electronics

Electronics equipment have components that contain toxic chemicals that are hazardous to human health and this planet.  We don’t want this to be a hindrance in your company’s operation and growth.  We are here to take care of this kind of a concern for you.


Tucson Computer

The disposal of your old computer units is daunting and would eat up much of your time.  But you always have an option to call a reliable service provider to do this task for you. PCs handed to us are properly documented prior to its recycling.


Tucson Hard Drive

Running a powerful electromagnetic field generator through your hard drives is certain to wipe out all of its data contents. We sterilize your hard drives to avoid unwanted data loss before we start to dismantle these. The process that we do is always safe and secure.


Tucson IT Asset

Choosing a reputable company to handle your IT assets will give you the assurance that these are in the hands of experts. With the work that we do, you can be assured that every single component of your IT assets are either recycled or disposed where it should be. We strictly adhere to a bulletproof process and zero-landfill policy.

Data Destruction in Tucson, AZ

Every business will have to discard some client and company data at a given time. When you feel that you to already need to discard your data because your media storage already reached its full capacity and you need space for new data or you just need to already dispose your old hard drive or media storage device to replace these with a new one, call a trusted data destruction service provider like Tucson Data Destruction to do the job.


We are expert in this field and we will make sure that we do secure data destruction to prevent data leaks that may endanger your businesses.  Online sellers would be very happy to buy your clients data to increase their market.  Competitors would also love to learn of your trade secrets to gain an edge in the industry, worst ruin your business reputation. But these nightmares can be avoided with the help of All Green Electronics Recycling.

Tucson, Arizona

Home of the University of Arizona, Tucson is also the county seat of Pima County.  In 2015, the Tucson metropolitan statistical area had a population of 980, 263 making it the second most populated city in the state of Arizona next to Phoenix.  It earned the nickname “Optics Valley” because of the occupancy of at least 150 Tucson companies that engaged in the design and manufacture of optics and optoelectronics system. But much of the city’s economic growth has been centered on the development of the University of Arizona that is now the city’s second-largest employer. 

But the presence of the Davis-Montana Air Force Base and the US Army Intelligence Center also known as Fort Huachuca, the city’s largest employer, led to the development of a significant number of high-tech industries and government contractors in the area. While the city is economically progressive, tourism was never compromised.  Tucson continues to draw at least 3.5 million visitors each year earning $2 billion from its tourism activities.  In addition to tourists, the city is also a favorite destination for vacationers also known as “snowbirds” that are especially attracted to the city’s mild winters. A city that is bustling with economic and tourism activities will never run out of important data to store and use.

Therefore, you need a top-notch Tucson Data Destruction Service. This is what we can offer and execute. 

Data Destruction Services Offered In: 

AGR Offers World-Class Tucson Data Destruction

Tucson Data Destruction is aware that businesses are very concerned of what to do with data stored on their computers upon disposal. But be mindful that data is not only stored on hard drives found on your work station.  This can also be stored on the photocopier, fax machines and printers that you use. Even the smart phones that we own store a lot of important and sensitive data. This stresses the need for an integrated data destruction services of an expert provided like what we are able to provide. We are guided by the principled of transparency and accountability in our operations. We religiously follow a chain-of-custody in the handling of your individual IT assets to give our clients the peace of mind that they deserve.

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