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Tucson Electronics Recycling

Secure E-waste pickup and recycling is what we do best. Being a trusted name in the industry, the people of Tucson, Arizona can be assured that none of your E-wastes components will end up being dumped in the landfill to pollute the environment. We can guarantee you secure and responsible recycling because we know what to do with these kinds of wastes.

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Tucson Computer

Roughly 50 companies engaged in the design and manufacturers of optics and optoelectronics system have found a home at the Optics Valley. While you focus on increasing your productivity, we will take care of your computer disposal needs. We know how to recycle, re-purpose and re-market the still useful computer parts like the back of our hands.


Tucson Data

Important company information may be accessed on your workstation while some of these may remain stored on your other office equipment. All you need is an integrated data destruction service provider to prevent data leaks. We observe a transparent data destruction process to ensure accountability and customer’s satisfaction.


Tucson Hard Drive

The data content of hard drive can be erased completely using an advanced data purging software. The software that we have facilitates the formatting of your hard drives to remove information and prevent the possibility of data leaks. Purging also includes the cleansing of the RAM.


Tucson IT Asset

We’re trained remarket your old, but still useful IT assets, using the industry’s most progressive re-sale platform. We make it a point to always compensate owners by returning a percentage of the sales proceeds to them so they can use this in the acquisition of new and more advanced IT assets.

Electronics Recycling in Tucson, AZ

It is always good to have a breath of fresh air if we want to relax or have a brief escape from the work.  The parks and botanical garden in Tucson in the State of Arizona is a perfect destination to unwind, cool down and enjoy the beauty of nature. While we relax, let us leave our worries, including the proper disposal of our electronic equipment, to the hands of the experts. Tucson Electronics Recycling has the track record to do secure and efficient e-waste recycling in this part of the country. 


With the use of All Green Technology, we are also helping you conserve valuable resources that may still be harvested from your E-wastes.  Environmental experts say it is always better to recycle and refurnish old items rather than extract new resources from the earth.

Tucson, Arizona

Government and the private sector made a commitment to create a growing and healthy economy using as its foundation the advanced technology industry sector. With the presence of about 150 Tucson industries that are engaged in the design and manufacture of optics and optoelectronics system, gave Tucson its name as the “Optics  Valley.” 

To balance progress with ecological preservation, Tucson keeps more than 120 parks located in the different parts of the city.  It also has scenic parks and points of interest like Tucson Botanical Gardens, the Tohono Chul park and the Sabino Canyon among others.  It’s Mt. Lemon that is located at the Coronado National Forest is also ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, birding, rock climbing, picnicking camping, sky rides, fishing and touring.  The area is also a favorite destination for those who wanted to go skiing and sledding during the winter months.

With our Tucson Electronics Recycling, the people living in this city will be helped dramatically. The toxins of computers and other electronic gadgets will be addressed effectively. 

Electronic Recycling Services Offered In:

World-Class Tucson Electronics Recycling Service

Our Electronics Recycling in Tucson recognizes that fact that trusting a recycler is a decision that should be thought of seriously. We have good credentials to back our claims of excellent service that is far ahead of other industry players. In doing our work, we comply with stringent international standards while we also possess R2 Responsible Recycling certifications. 

We follow an optimized approach in electronics recycling from start to finish. We keep in mind our commitment to serve the people of Tucson the best that we can and we will be able to do this by making sure that no toxic chemicals coming from your E-wastes would go into the soil and destroy ecological balance. It is always beneficial for our clients and the world that we live in if we re-purpose and re-market the still useful components that we harvest from your wastes.

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