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Augusta Data Destruction

Having the best Data Destruction Service in Augusta, Georgia can be experienced through our offered E-Waste Recycling System. We have the best technology being used for this purpose. 

Augusta Electronics Recycling

Augusta Electronics

Augusta is one of the highly progressive cities in the entire State of Georgia. Being progressive means a lot. One of the implications is that this city stores and gathers more electronic disposables every now and then. This is the main reason why we offer a world-class Electronics Recycling here. 

Augusta Computer Recycling

Augusta Computer

Recycling the disposable computers in Augusta is easy with the help of All Green Electronics Recycling. We have the best system running for this. You'll never go wrong when you choose us because our options and services are all satisfactorily convenient. 

Augusta Hard Drive Shredding

Augusta Hard Drive

If you want your hard drives to be destroyed, you have to choose us. Our Hard Drive Shredding in Augusta is dramatically awesome. We can help business entities, government agencies, and private individuals protect their integrity, dignity and honor. How? We protect private files and information. 

Augusta IT Asset Disposition

Augusta IT Asset

There is still money with respect to your end-of-life IT assets. If you think that your old computers are already useless, you're wrong. With our certified ITAD services, we can assess the value of your outdated computer units. Then, we'll do the job in recycling, reselling and/or destroying your old equipment.

Data Destruction in Augusta, GA

Businesses engaged in medicine, biotechnology and cyber security have put up their regional centers in Augusta, Georgia. With the sensitive nature of their businesses, these companies don’t want to entrust their IT assets to just anybody. This is the reason why All Green makes Augusta Data Destruction available in this city.


We use only the newest and the best mobile shredders available today. We also adopt the most recent data security system in our electronic data destruction. Our Untha RS-30 shredder will reduce your electronic equipment into very fine pieces of only about 8mm in diameter.

Augusta, Georgia

Named after Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Augusta City is located along the Savannah River.  With its 197, 872 population, August is now the principal city of Augusta-Richmond Country Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city has also gained international recognition for hosting a golf tournament called “The Masters” every spring. Augusta is now home of the regional centers of biotechnology, cyber security and medicine.

The three biggest employers are the Savana River Site, the US Army Signal Center and the Department of Energy nuclear facility. The presence of major industries spurred the city’s economy causing a reduction in unemployment rate starting in the later part of 2009.

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Augusta Data Destruction: The Best for You

Data destruction does not end with the shredding of IT assets.  It also includes proper documentation of items for destruction and making sure that its owners are properly notified of the entire process. 

With Augusta Data Destruction, we do full disclosure of every work that we do. We document IT assets entrusted to us. We list down its model and serial number among other things. We also make a full disclosure of the destruction process. We offer fast and reliable service for the businesses and people in this part of Georgia. 

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