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Anchorage Electronics Recycling

With All Green Electronics Recycling’s proven and tested Anchorage Electronics Recycling in Alaska, people can be helped when disposing of their unwanted and unused IT assets. We have the best facility to house and process all types of e-wastes. We’re the leading company in the US.


Anchorage Computer

We can professionally recycle your disposable computers in Anchorage. Our system is the best ever in this city, state and country. We always see to it that all our customers are fulfilled.

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Anchorage Data

Securing the best Hard Drive Destruction services can be attained now through All Green. We have several choices for you to choose from. All we want is your satisfaction.


Anchorage Hard Drive

Our Hard Drive Shredding Services are the best to have in Anchorage, Alaska. We can send our evaluation team to assess the level of your hard drive shredding needs. We can work for you while you watch.


Anchorage IT Asset

We have the best system for your ITAD demand. Our services are certified and proven by the satisfied clients. You can make money by disposing your end-of-life IT assets, like printers, scanners and computers.

Electronics Recycling in Anchorage, AK

Landfills are not designed to accommodate e-wastes. This kind of wastes requires expert attention from the Anchorage Electronics Recycling and should be brought to a facility that can ensure its proper handling and disposal. Experts say that the heavy metal content of electronic wastes require more extensive handling as compared to the banana peel or the paper cups that we normally dispose on our garbage bins. If not handled properly such wastes can cause harm to human health and contaminate the environment.


Anchorage, Alaska

Several green areas can be found in the city of Anchorage. The city is home of the Alaska Botanical Garden that has at least 900 hardly perennial species and 150 native plant species. The city also has a zoo, wildlife conservation, several parks and recreation areas that are ideal for your family picnics and other outdoor activities. Anchorage is also home to big companies offering medical and health services. The Providence Alaska Medical Center is the largest hospital in the state of Alaska and offers the most comprehensive range of services.

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100% World-Class Anchorage Electronics Recycling Service

Electronics Recycling in Anchorage, Alaska knows that electronics equipment like appliances, mobile phones, computers and even printers are highly toxic and will need expert handling. All Green Electronics Recycling knows very well how to do this and we have the technology needed to do this. We know by heart that e-wastes do not belong in the landfills.

Instead, these should be taken to a recycling facility for recycling and reused. Schedule a pick up with us and we will send our trained personnel to pick your harmful wastes and bring them to our facility.

We are a  highly reputable company that risks its name and reputation in every work that we do to ensure our every customer’s satisfaction. We also ensure compliance with EPA guidelines and regulations in every work that we do.

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