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Electronics Recycling in Santa Clara County

Be responsible with your electronic waste. Choose All Green Recycling to recycle and remarket old computers, mobile phones, and other EOL IT equipment.

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Electronics Recycling

You need a certified company that offers a secure Electronics Recycling system. All Green is a right choice.

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IT Asset Disposition

If you have e-waste problems in this location, choose All Green's IT Asset Disposition address them.

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Data Destruction

Through destroying sensitive data and files, you can ensure brand security. All Green is a solution provider.

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Equipment Destruction

Through our Equipment Destruction service, you can enjoy excellent results. Let us protect your brand.

Electronics Recycling Santa Clara County Drop-off Locations For All Green

Helping Mother Earth is the focus of All Green along with other purposes of our Electronics Recycling Santa Clara County Services. Our e-waste services are available at the following drop-off locations.

Where is Santa Clara County?

Santa Clara County is located in the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California. It is home to 1,781,642 residents and 15 incorporated cities

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Observing “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” policies and practices is our primary approach. We want to help the communities, neighborhoods, and cities in this county protect the environment. Conserving the natural resources left is one of the major factors why we push hard our campaign that all landfill spaces must be free from all kinds of electronic waste.

You can as well save money when you recycle, reuse, and remarket old electronic products. This is realistic with our IT Asset Remarketing Program, wherein you can earn an extra profit share of 70%. What are you waiting for today? Schedule our pickup service or try to locate our nearest drop-off point.

Other Items You May Consider Recycling:

Santa Clara County Computer Disposal System

Computer_Disposal03 ImageReplacing office computers is one of the most effective ways to optimize business operation. Every year or every two years, you must have new models and versions of desktops/laptops. This is important as far as stabilizing business activities for growth is concerned. This can lead to the accumulation of many computer units in your stockroom.

What to do? You need to recycle old computer sets. Their parts are still valuable and can be reused, remarketed. This is the focus of our computer recycling service.

Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

Data_Security03 ImageWiping the sensitive files and information digitally is a measured way to protect your brand. Why? Those data are sensitive or confidential. Once they fall into the wrong hands, they can cause troubles to your business. To avoid it, you need our Data Security Process. This is reliable as we’re using most modern technologies, equipment, and know-how.

Shredding the hard drives is our expertise. No single information about your customers will leak because we serve with certifications and other authentic documents.

Nationwide Processing Centers

Nationwide NetworkRecycling is an essential service for us. We are doing this for many years already since we deeply believe that through our e-waste services, we cannot only help Mother Earth, but we can also foster sustainability for the next generations.

Through our IT Asset Management, you can never go wrong. Our solutions are credible and genuine. Your e-waste concerns will conveniently be addressed with our professional intervention.

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