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Electronics Recycling in Gilroy

Trust All Green’s Electronics Recycling Team to assist you with all your computer recycling needs in Gilroy, California.


Electronics Recycling

Our cost-free electronic waste recycling pickup service is readily available at your doorstep.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our electronic waste recycling service values your IT Asset that is on the brink of its usefulness.  

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Data Destruction

We provide a certified Data Destruction Services like Hard Drive Shredding, Degaussing, etc.

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Equipment Destruction

Our company uses only a verified and licensed machine to destroy hard drives to protect your privacy.

Electronics Recycling Gilroy Services By All Green


There are three basic rules for managing e-waste, namely: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.  If you opt to recycle, you are giving back life to an almost useless commodity either by refurbishing or restoring the item to a productive version that can be remarketed on the market. This way, reducing electronic waste happens. A proper disposition of computers and other devices is now a must in this highly developing community. The avoidance of environmental and health hazard is given utmost consideration. By using our service, Electronics Recycling Gilroy – you help protect yourself and the environment from toxic substances. It is our desire to helping you dispose of your electronic waste efficiently while securing your privacy.

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Regarding logistics, we provide a hassle-free transaction whether it is an on-site transaction or a designated drop-off place. With years of experience, we aim to stay at the top of this industry as well as, to become highly competent enough to deliver our excellent customer service to all the people residing in this location.

Gilroy, California

The city of Gilroy is popularly known for its annual Garlic Festival strategically located in Santa Ana County, California. This local community takes pride in its well-maintained recreational sceneries and parks that won awards, then and now. One can say that despite technological advancement, there is an equilibrium of modernization and ecological growth.

It can be a loss, if the city and its expanding community of 55,069 people (population estimate as of July 1, 2016, from the website of United States Census Bureau) will not avail our electronic waste disposal and recycling service.

Gilroy IT Asset Remarketing Service

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Our company provides various e-waste recycling opportunities as part of our world-class services. We can handle your needs. By trusting our offers, you’re in safe hands. We’re expert in the e-waste recycling industry that follows the legal standard protocol implemented by the appropriate sectors of the government. We also comply with the recommendations of the other stakeholders in the industry.

Fret no more. Have confidence in our expertise in managing computer recycling. The unattended computer junks will no longer be set aside and placed in the basement or stockroom. It is part of our IT Asset Management, to recycle, reuse, and remarket old computer devices (laptops, desktops).

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