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All Green Recycling has reliable E-Waste Management and Handling Solutions that are ready 7 days a week.


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Our Electronics Recycling services are premium and world-class. You can count on us to deliver excellent results.

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We have world-known ITAD solutions for you. Choose our services to provide you peace of mind.

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The irreversible destruction of all sensitive data and information protects your business from any harm.

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Do you have EOL and obsolete IT equipment in your office? Contact us and let us destroy them completely.

Electronics Recycling Saratoga Services By All Green

Saratoga ImageThe major destinations of global e-waste are the third world-class countries like Ghana and Nigeria. It is definitely a wrong idea if we think dumping those old computers and mobile phones in those countries for instance is the solution to save our country and people. It’s plain misconception or a groundless assumption because the truth of the thing is that all of us will suffer if irresponsible dumping of end-of-life tech products will continue. To remedy the problems associated to it All Green Recycling offers Electronics Recycling Saratoga Services. These are designed for ease and convenience of the people here in terms of recycling, reusing, remarketing, and even donating obsolete IT equipment.

Where is Saratoga?

Saratoga is a city located on the western edge of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara County, California. It is known for its small-town suburban feel, wineries, and high-end boutiques.

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Recycle Electronics ImageAn optimized approach to recycling and treating your e-waste products is our guarantee. We will make sure that all landfill spaces will be free from irresponsible dumping of electronic materials. Old computer units, cellular phones, printers, monitors, and other products will be processed in our world-class facilities located in Southern California.

If you want a strong business protection our hard drive shredding and equipment destruction can help you. We designed our e-waste services to provide easy and efficient ways of e-cycling. Don’t hesitate to try scheduling our pickup service or to look for our nearest drop-off location.

Saratoga Electronics Recycling Locations

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