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Electronics Recycling in Los Gatos

All Green’s Electronic Recycling Services is your helping hand in managing your e-waste problems in Los Gatos, California.


Electronics Recycling

We have secure and reliable on-site electronic waste pick-up for your electronic recycling needs.

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IT Asset Disposition

The goal of All Green is to assist you in efficiently recycling all IT products that are no longer useful.  

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Data Destruction

Our company strictly follows a standard protocol for data destruction may it be digital or non-digital sources.

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Equipment Destruction

Maintaining confidentiality is our utmost priority. Trust All Green in effectively destroying EOL IT items.

Electronics Recycling Los Gatos Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling Los Gatos Ca

Electronic waste is a global phenomenon that is continuously rising. All Green has recognized this e-waste crisis and the need to put a stop to the adverse effects of uncontrolled and inefficient disposal of e-waste. How can you help? By being a wise consumer. Trends in the electronics industry come and go. If it is not necessary then, probably buying it is not an option. How about IT assets that are way past or nearing their expiration date? Simply, avail our ecologically and cost-efficient solution, the Electronics Recycling Los Gatos Services, to help manage the electronic waste problems.

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Los Gatos, California

Los Gatos is an affluent city of Santa Clara County that serves as a home to the industrial and technological companies. Technically, it is part of the world-renowned, Silicon Valley. Aside from finding tech giants here, it also has picturesque parks and mountain views. Also, Los Gatos is rich in historical sites. It boasts in preserving Victorian houses and buildings, and museums that give visiting tourists a glimpse of its ancient pasts.

Due to the high presence of high-tech industries that employ computer and information technology savvies, the people here need our e-waste management solutions.

Solution to E-waste Crisis: IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Our company acknowledges the changing trend of consumerism. Nowadays, people tend to upgrade electronic devices even if the item is still fully functional. This uncontrolled consumption leads to e-waste crisis. We, at All Green, aim to solve this crisis through our Electronic Waste Sustainability Program: Reuse, Recycle, and Resell Refurbished IT Assets.  Your end-of-life IT equipment will no longer end up in the dumping sites but will be resupplied to the growing demand in the electronics industry. Rest assured that through our combined effort, we can protect the environment and all the residents of Los Gatos.

Privacy Protection by All Green

Our company is knowledgeable and highly equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and software in handling data protection for sensitive files. We provide secure data destruction if you wish to destroy sensitive data.

We can give you several data shredding options that will suit your needs. Have confidence in our expertise, and be part of our customers’ success stories.

Contact us today for more details about our e-waste services which include Los Gatos Computer Recycling, Equipment Destruction, and Hard Drive Shredding Services.