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Peoria Hard Drive Shredding

We’re a Certified E-Waste Recycling in Peoria. We offer a world-class Hard Drive Shredding service in this city, the rest of Illinois and across the United States. We also offer other e-waste related services like IT Asset Disposition, Certified Hard Drive Destruction, as well as Computer and Electronics Recycling.

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Hard Drive Shredding in Peoria, IL

In disposing your electronic wastes, the sensitive data stored in the hard drives should be disposed properly. This means that the highest security standards for this purpose should be taken seriously. The people of Illinois need not worry about this matter because the most trusted All Green Electronics Recycling offers Peoria Hard Drive Shredding service that enables effective and accurate shredding of computer hard drives.

We have custom-built and world-class mobile shredders as well as highly-secured data disposal processes. Our Untha RS-30 shredder can shred more than a hundred hard drives in less than one hour. Plus, it can shred hard drives and other electronic devices that have a size of 8mm-diameter only.

Peoria, Illinois

As one of the busiest cities in Illinois, Peoria is the home of government offices and various commercial establishments. Its growing population also reflects of the city’s dynamic economy and confidence of the people to stay in this city. According to the 2010 census, Peoria recorded in a population of 115,007, making it as Illinois’ seventh most populated city.

The booming economy and growing population resulted to growing electronic wastes especially among commercial and business establishments. But this city does not worry much about this matter because we can effectively do all the works in e-waste disposal and recycling which includes hard drive shredding process.

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We’re a Trusted Company in Peoria Hard Drive Shredding

We’re the most trusted company when it comes to electronic waste disposal particularly that of hard drive shredding. We have well-trained experts and updated technology to make sure that hard drives are well-disposed and the data stored in it are accurately erased as well. We also assure our clients that the entire process of hard drive shredding is well documented and proper certifications are provided to the clients.

If your company has many hard drives to dispose, you can always avail of our services. For those who are living in Illinois, you can tap Peoria Hard Drive Shredding service anytime. You can contact our company’s customer support service here for more details.

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