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Peoria IT Asset Disposition

In Peoria, Illinois, we’re recognized as the Certified E-Waste Recycling. This recognition is also across the United States and even in North America. With our excellent and world-class e-waste disposal services, people are assured that they are taken good care of as well the environment.


IT Asset Disposition in Peoria, IL

One of the most important aspects in electronic waste disposal is the IT assets. This is very important because they still hold a certain monetary value. Hence, IT assets have to be disposed. With us, this concern is well attended to. We uphold data security, risk mitigation and proper documentation. Our Peoria IT Asset Disposition has environmentally-friendly methods.


Peoria, Illinois

Peoria is located in the state of Illinois and is considered to be the largest city along the Illinois River. In 2010, its population was 115,007, making it to be one of the highly populated and busiest cities in Illinois. Economic development here is very visible. Almost all offices have numerous electronic items for their every day use. Hence, it is not surprising that electronic wastes also increase. Through our service, the IT assets are disposed through highly-secured system with no ill-effects in the environment.

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We’re the Home of Excellent Peoria IT Asset Disposition

We take pride with our state-of-the-art IT Asset Disposition procedures and all other electronic waste recycling and disposal methods. We focuse on centrally managed ITAD process, convenient IT asset disposition service and reporting, minimized ITAD risk, and maximized IT asset re-marketing value. In this way, you’ll be assured that the electronic wastes are properly disposed and are not harming the environment during such process.

Our IT Asset Disposition in  Peoria service is a great proof of our top quality service when it comes to disposing IT assets.

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