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Mesa Data Destruction

Picking just anyone to attend to your data destruction needs can compromise your company’s security. Secure data destruction is something so complex that this should only be left to expert service providers to do. 


Mesa Electronics

Secure electronics recycling is the final step in doing a comprehensive ITAD. If you recycle, you do not only protect nature from destruction, but you also get to get to repurpose the still useful E-wastes components and earn from its resale.


Mesa Computer

Proper computer disposal and IT equipment recycling is a top priority for corporations, government entities and businesses who are well aware of their social and environmental responsibilities. They pick only a world-leader to do this task for them. We are a certified computer recycling service provider and we know how to serve you best.


Mesa Hard
Drive Shredding

We value our customers and we always ensure their satisfaction every time work on a task. Our integrity and reputation is your guarantee for the best quality service that we give the people of Mesa City in Arizona. We hold R2 Responsible Recycling, ISO 14001 and certificates as proof of our best practices.


Mesa IT Asset

We are a global leader in IT asset Disposition. We specialize in making sure that IT assets are recycled and repurposed for resale to prevent environmental hazards. We provide alternative disposition like the redeployment of assets within the organization, repurchase for employees and even making a donation to a charitable institution.

Data Destruction in Mesa, AZ

Only a few companies can handle Mesa Data Destruction with the kind of transparency that All Green Electronics Recycling employs. Information is stored in all electronic devices—from computers (obviously) to telephones or fax machines, and even appliances. For an individual, you don’t want people peeking into your life for sure. For companies, leaked information can cause compromised data and possible damages to clientele.


No matter how many times you delete information and empty the trash, data stored remain. More often, these deleted data cannot be seen by the naked eye, but there are always prying eyes on the lookout for business opportunities. Every electronic device that is on its way to recycling or processing should be completely wiped out to prevent any information leak.

Mesa, Arizona

In Mesa, Arizona, its top employer is the Banner Health System and Mesa Public Schools. Between these two organizations, there are over 18,000 Missourians employed. Also between these two are thousands of information that need to be protected. We all know that health and school information are private records and should not be leaked. This is why it is important that these two organizations hook up with a data destruction company when time comes when they have to upgrade their system and get rid of old electronic devices.

Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona with 431,041, according to the last census in 2010. It is a suburb about 20 miles of the state’s main city of Phoenix. It is also the center of East Valley.

Data Destruction Services Offered In: 

  • Tucson, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Surprise, AZ
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Peoria, AZ
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Tempe, AZ
  • Lake Havasu City, AZ
  • Prescott, AZ
  • Guadalupe, AZ
  • Apache Junction, AZ
  • Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Sun Lakes, AZ
  • Gold Canyon, AZ
  • Chandler Heights, AZ
  • San Tan Valley, AZ
  • Santan, AZ
  • Komatke, AZ
  • Bapchule, AZ

AGR’s Mesa Data Destruction: A World-Class Service

The company has tightly integrated its data destruction service into its centrally managed information technology asset disposition. It proudly centers its services on its principles of transparency and accountability. Indeed, the company provides an online monitoring system that allows you to follow the progress of the service you have acquired including Mesa Data Destruction.

There are two processes in data destruction: digital wiping and physical destruction. Both are essential to ensure that no information will ever reach the wrong hands for possible abuse. Among its many clients are government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Information. If these are the client list, you know it must be good.

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