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Jacksonville Electronics Recycling

We are premier electronic recycling company in Jacksonville, and to the rest of Florida and that of America. We take seriously our electronics recycling system by having brilliant and well-skilled technicians to do the work as well as state-of-the-art equipment for the recycling and destruction of e-wastes. 

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Jacksonville Computer Recycling

Jacksonville Computer

Recycling unused computers is not a problem in Jacksonville because of our ever-ready and brilliant team of experts to do the work. We take pride on our environmentally-friendly recycling process. We also employ proper and responsible management when it comes to the handling and recycling of e-waste items.

Jacksonville Data Destruction

Jacksonville Data

Our Data Destruction process involves the following options – wipe, degauss, crush and shred. We just depend on what options the client wants. What is important here is that we are capable of completely destroying all data in the hard drive.

Jacksonville Hard Drive Shredding

Jacksonville Hard Drive

Our hard drive shredding process is safe with its eco-friendly standards. Our clients can have peace of mind while we successfully and completely shred all the unused hard drives. In fact, we can do the hard drive shredding into your homes or workplaces so that you can witness how your hard drives are destroyed.

Jacksonville IT Asset Disposition

Jacksonville IT Asset

We are a certified ITAD service provider in Jacksonville. We advise clients the best process in disposing IT assets which include recycling, reselling or destroying. We also advise clients to make disposed/recycled IT assets as another source of revenue.

Electronics Recycling in Jacksonville, FL

Electronic wastes do not belong in landfills. Its heavy metal content is dangerous to humans and the environment. Landfills in this country are designed to accommodate only household wastes like banana peels and water bottle, not toxic materials that should be disposed elsewhere. The toxic content of electronic wastes left on the landfills can sip into the ground and pollute the environment and our water sources, something that we would not want to happen to our beloved city. Jacksonville Electronics Recycling is here to help the people of this great city take care of their electronic wastes without having to worry of the cost of e-waste disposal. 


We charge only a very minimal amount for the superior quality service that we offer. Whether we like it or not, we will have to deal with our e-wastes. But we may not know how? Let the experts from All Green Electronics Recycling take care of this matter for you.

Jacksonville, Florida

Its location on the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean spur the growth of the city’s various industries making it the 10th fastest growing city in the country.  The city is a leading transportation and distribution hub in the State of Florida known for its automobile and coffee imports. Its financial services, biomedical technology, consumer goods, information services, manufacturing and insurance also continue to flourish. In 2007, Forbes Magazine named Jacksonville as the top 3 best city in the US to relocate and to find employment. But while the city is highly industrial, it has managed to continue to attract tourists.  It recorded 2.8 million visits in 2008, where tourists spent at least $1 billion.

Electronic Recycling Services Offered In:

  • Orlando, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Florida City, FL
  • St. Petersburg, Fl
  • Naples, FL
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Tallahassee, FL
  • Daytona Beach, FL
  • Miami Beach, FL
  • Atlantic Beach, FL
  • Neptune Beach, FL
  • Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  • Nocatee, FL
  • Orange Park, FL
  • Lakeside, FL
  • Bryceville, FL
  • Callahan, FL
  • Amelia City, FL

We’re A Certified Company to Responsibly Dispose E-Waste!

All Green Electronics Recycling knows e-waste recycling like no other. With our Jacksonville Electronics Recycling you need not dump your old laptops, monitors, calculators, telephones, printers, appliances and even mobile phones into the waste basket. Give us a call so we can schedule an E-waste pickup at your preferred location. 

We will bring your damaged and old electronics equipment to our recycling facility so we can take out the useful parts for recycling.  We are a reputable company that adheres to government regulations in doing our recycling works.  We always raise the bar of the recycling industry in the “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling” of hazardous wastes.

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