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Albuquerque Data Destruction

Secure data destruction does not end with hard drive destruction. The process also includes the need to document IT devices entrusted to us and the processes that we apply to ensure secure data destruction. Working with an industry expert will mitigate risks of a data leak and will give our clients the peace or mind and sense of security that they will only enjoy while working with a credible service provider.

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Albuquerque Electronics

We are an expert IT recycling service provider and we own a fleet of trucks to transport your E-wastes to our facility for proper disposal. Our IT experts are trained to locate you in Albuquerque, New Mexico and handle your electronics equipment with the best care that it deserves. You can be assured that we will also orient you with our recycling process to rid you of any unnecessary worries.


Albuquerque Computer

PC recycling is not a problem in Albuquerque City. There is always a reliable computer recycling service provider close to where you are. Our highly-qualified recyclers will handle your computer units with utmost care until their task is complete.


Albuquerque Hard Drive

We have to ensure proper disposal of our hard drives to avoid infraction with US laws. If we do not comply with government standards, we will be faced with hefty fines that is sure to be costly. Tap the services of a reliable hard drive recycling service provider to avoid the discomfort of having to pay government fines.  


Albuquerque IT Asset

We work using a centrally managed and secure IT disposition process that is engineered to ensure full transparency. We strictly follow a secure chain of custody in everything that we do. We also have an online portal that allows our clients to observe what do best.

Data Destruction in Albuquerque, NM

Clientele information in every business operation is vital and should not be leaked. We could go on and on. But the main point is, every company has a set of secrets that should never ever get out of the four corners of the office. Albuquerque Data Destruction service ensures that no information would ever be leaked in times of electronics disposal.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is home to small and large corporations that will greatly benefit from data destruction services. Among the city’s largest employers are Kirtland Air Force Base, University of New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque Public Schools and Presbyterian Health Services. A lot of the 557,169 residents of the city are employed in the aforementioned organizations.

Data Destruction Services Offered In: 

Our Albuquerque Data Destruction Service Is World-Class!

It’s easy for companies to claim that they are the best in Albuquerque Data Destruction service, when actually, what they should be advertising is a guarantee that they can do the job. That no data would ever reach the competition, or that information should never reach entrepreneurial individuals who might collect ransom for the data.

All Green Electronics Recycling provides a certification to all its clients that data have been wiped cleaned. The company is well equipped with the facility that can handle such task since it is not just a matter of deleting data. Mere deletion will risk retrieval of information using some new software. The client needs information to be destroyed permanently.

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