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Electronics Recycling in Florida

With our help, you will no longer have to worry on how to handle your company’s e-waste. Let All Green help you with our Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition, Data Destruction, and Equipment Destruction.

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Electronics Recycling

All Green Electronics Recycling is the best company you have to choose among e-waste recyclers because of its proven solutions.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our IT Asset Disposition is engineered with full transparency from the pickup to destruction. We follow a centrally managed process.

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Data Destruction

Stringent EPA rules and regulations make compliance with e-waste disposal standards even more difficult. We will simplify the entire process for you.

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Equipment Destruction

We have drop off centers in key cities. Recycle only with the most trusted service provider in the U.S. - All Green Electronics Recycling.

Electronics Recycling Florida Services Drop-off Locations By All Green

The city listed below is where our Electronics Recycling Florida Services can conveniently serve.

All Green is in the state of Florida to assist its residents with their e-cycling needs. Visit our facility and do your share in environmental preservation through responsible recycling.

For Businesses in Florida

Electronic Recycling and E-Waste

We are happy attend to the electronics recycling needs of the people of the state of Florida.

Do not hesitate to reach us at (800) 780-0347 and ask for our Corporate and Government Account Division for more information.


Florida Electronics Recycling Locations

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We will soon come up with an individual residential drop-off program in the state of Florida. For now, we offer free pickup services in the state.  

Please click below to schedule a pickup:



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E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers

E-Waste Collectors • Waste HaulersAll Green Recycling is very competitive. We always stay ahead of other industry players in the processing of unwanted electronics. We offer free pickup and drop off services for your convenience. We work seven days a week to better serve the people of Florida.



Electronics Manufacturers • Resellers

Electronics ManufacturersProper e-waste disposal is a growing concern in the U.S. All Green knows what to do with your old equipment to prevent these from causing harm on your health and the earth that we live in. We manage your wastes from its pick up, remarketing and destruction. You don’t have to worry. We know exactly what to do with your IT assets.


Off-Lease Equipment Take-back

equipment take-backWe offer free pick up of your IT equipment. Everything is so easy. We will visit you at your specified location and collect equipment that you wanted to get rid of. All Green personnel will bring these items to our facility for processing. We refurbish anything that we will find that is still of use. We will destroy everything else as a final step in the disposal process.


Our Goals

our goals imageWe will prevent greenhouse emissions. We take out the hazardous contents from your electronics to make sure that these are properly managed. Using All Green technology, we  will shred or crash your unwanted electronics.


The E-Waste Disposal Process

E-Waste Disposal Process

All Green holds the reputation of being a trusted e-waste collector and recycler. We segregate reusable electronic parts from those that should already be sent to its final destination. We extract aluminum, iron, glass, copper, plastic and other precious metals from your equipment for reuse. We are guided by the belief that recycling leads to environmental preservation. Reuse will prevent the over extraction of minerals from the earth. The iron that we take out from your old IT asset will be reused to produce a new product. Components that will be left behind will be destroyed. Data storage are shredded to very fine pieces of at least 2 inches in diameter so that these can no longer be reused. Total destruction will guarantee the safety of your organization.

Florida Electronic Waste Solutions

Look for us when in the state of Florida. We accept the following Electronics Recycling Florida Services:

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