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Electronics Recycling Drop-off Locations in the Capital District, NY


Electronics Recycling Capital District Drop-off Locations in New York

Electronics Recycling Capital District is offered in the cities below. 

If your city is not listed above, or the nearest drop-off location is too far, then it’s time for you to request a pickup from your home or business by following the link below.

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Recycle Electronics ImageElectronics Recycling Capital District is a simple, economical, and eco-friendly process. If you’re about to replace your old IT equipment, don’t buy yet new computers and mobile gadgets in your office. What to do? You can call All Green Recycling to treat or process your used electronics. We can then subject them through our IT asset remarketing approaches to regain some amount of money invested in IT investment. We’re also doing this to prevent further negative impacts by the hazardous chemicals found in computers, among other IT equipment. Reusing or donating them to charities is also part of our approach. 

Today, All Green is one of the top e-waste recycling companies not only in the U.S. but also in the entire North America. We’re following the standards of “Recycle, Reuse and Recycle” Principles and Ideas. With our tested practices, the compliance with the present EPA regulations and guidelines is assured. We can professionally  handle your disposable e-waste or IT asset without risks.

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Capital District Electronics Recycling

Old Computer Phone ImageThe need to recycle electronic waste is a popular practice today because of the continuing alarm caused by the emission of hazardous gases found in some of the IT equipment stored in landfills. The government has policies that require all businesses to practice proper electronics disposal process. That’s why All Green Electronics is popular at present. Our electronics recycling Capital District services serve as our reliable response to the needs of the environment for proper care.  So if you have old or unused electronic gadgets or equipment, let our team of professionals collect and recycle them. By using the latest technologies in electronic waste disposal, the hazardous parts of any computers, telephones, and any other IT gadgets will be taken good care of.


Capital District Computer Disposal

Computer Disposal ImageThe scraps and disposable parts of the computers will be shredded down to smaller pieces. The target diameter is 2 inches, which is coarse enough for the final process of shredding. Because recycling the IT equipment, like the computers, is a daunting task to all business institutions, our computer recycling approach in Capital District is a suitable way. The materials to be included in the proper recycling system are iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, and glass. Because they are also valuable materials, we can refurbish them for an aftermarket resale. 


Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction in Capital District, NY

Data Security ImageAll disposable computers have sensitive hard drives. The moment we recover them for recycling, we employ a very crucial step – a secure data destruction method. By this technique, all sensitive files like private pictures, clients personal information, or sensitive company profiles, will be wiped digitally.

Hard drive degaussing is further done to clear the desktops, or laptops, netbooks, or iPads from any information that can possibly be stolen by unscrupulous and irresponsible people. As we already served the U.S. government and the military, rest assured that our services are proven and tested. Our data destruction approach is 100% safe and secure. Hence, we guarantee a total digital data destruction. 


Nationwide Processing Centers

Nationwide Processing Centers imageJust let us do the proper e-waste recycling of your obsolete and end-of-life electronics. Our electronics recycling Capital District services have already been tested. We have partners all over the country and in North America. We assure that you can enjoy smart, economical e-waste recycling techniques.

Just look for one of our e-waste processing centers and partners. We always provide comfort and convenience in seeing to it that the hazardous electronic waste will never end up in landfills, will never be exported to developing nations for careless and ecologically damaging dumping.

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