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Electronics Recycling in Albany

Let All Green Electronics Recycling recycle, reuse, and remarket your old electronics in Albany through an easy and efficient solution.


Electronics Recycling

When it comes to recycling electronic products, All Green is a proven and tested service provider. Our services guarantee best results. 

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IT Asset Disposition

Our consistent goal is to protect your business brand while maximizing the returns out of your remarketable equipment. All Green can help you.

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Data Destruction

You have to make sure that the data destruction services you avail of can guarantee best results. Our hard drive shredding process is tested.

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Equipment Destruction

There are IT products that are subject for final and irreversible disposal. All Green Recycling is a tested company that offers this service.

Electronics Recycling Albany Services, CA

Albany ImageElectronics Recycling Albany, California is made possible by All Green Electronics recycling. Albany is found in Alameda Country in the San Francisco Bay region. The Golden Gate Fields is one of the most popular landmarks in this city.

Getting rid of unwanted junk from old electronics while preventing data theft is something that All Green is concerned about. Most of  electronic devices such as computers, television, mobile phones, stereos, and etc. can be recycled, so they won’t contribute to the growing pollution problem.

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Why is Electronics Recycling important? Some electronic products contain gold in them, but unfortunately, only 10-15 percent of gold is recovered from e-waste. These electronic products have precious metals that can be recovered in the recycling process, which can save a big percentage of raw materials from being mined. 

Recycling Electronics is also they key to having a solid waste management. This is to mitigate the risks of serious health and environmental problems. 

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 IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics Image All Green Electronics Recycling sees to it that old electronic devices won’t have their spot on landfills. This prevents the toxic materials such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and more from releasing harmful toxins in the environment.

We’ve made it accessible for people to have their old electronics picked up or sent to us for recycling. With this, everyone is taking part to reduce the e-waste problem. We’ll surely refurbish or reuse old electronic items, but we will secure that your personal or business information are protected. 

Albany Electronics Recycling

Before throwing away your electronic items, remember that you are  only contributing to the growing e-waste problem. Be a responsible consumer. Schedule a pickup or find a drop-off location now! 

Albany Hard Drive Shredding 

Hard drives may contain private information about your business. But when hard drives reach their lifespan, they are about to be disposed. All Green ensures that hard drive shredding is possible.We can do on-site and off-site shredding to guarantee that all data have been wiped out. 

No single method is recommended since every business is different. This is why you need to use multiple solutions. 

These devices are broken down into smaller pieces, so it’s impossible for anyone to put them back together. Our employees are well-trained in operating the crushing equipment and they will provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Albany IT Asset Remarketing

End-of-like electronic products can be resold and these will give you extra cash in return. We can help you assess the potential of an IT asset based on its age, condition, and functionality. 

Old IT equipment can be reused in so many ways. For instance, refurbished IT equipment can be either reused for office use or sold externally. Those that are no longer beneficial and have reached their end can be responsibly recycled. 

We know how important it is for you as a business owner to recoup your investment. We can help you find ways to make most of old IT equipment. 

Albany Computer Recycling

Recycling one laptop can save power that can light up almost 3,500 homes in the United States for a year. So what’s more if you recycle hundreds of computers in a month? 

The materials inside each computer unit are valuable enough to be recovered and reused. Those materials are platinum, silver, and even gold. 

Remember: Recycling your old laptop or desktop can help you de-clutter and earn extra as well. Get our team to pick those old stuff and have them refurbished. Contact us to see how our Electronics Recycling Albany works.