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All Green Recycling is a world-class company that promotes e-waste free landfills through proper IT Asset Disposition and Electronics Recycling.

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Electronics Recycling

Recycling old and marketable computers, printers, cellular phones and other devices protects Mother Earth.

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IT Asset Disposition

When disposing of old IT equipment you have to consider earning from them through our remarketing system.

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Data Destruction

Destroying sensitive and confidential files is part of our data security process. This is good for your business.

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Equipment Destruction

The destruction of your end-of-life tech equipment should be part of your brand protection program.

Electronics Recycling Schenectady Services By All Green

schenectadyWhat comprise e-waste products? E-waste is comprising of disposable computers, refrigerators, television sets, mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, mobile phones, computers, and a lot more. These materials should be recycled and remarketed because they pose danger to the environment. Finding for a reliable e-waste recycler is a present need. That recycler is an expert in all processes and procedures. In this town, All Green is among the best in the industry. We offer Electronics Recycling Schenectady Services that are efficient, simple, and convenient. With us all your electronic waste problems will smoothly be addressed. You can never go wrong with a company which has been trusted by hundreds of happy customers not only in this country but in the entire North America as well.

Where is Schenectady?

Schenectady is a city is located in Schenectady County, New York. This is the ninth most populous city in New York with over 61,000 residents. It is home to several museums and theaters.

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IT Asset Disposition

Electronic Waste - Sacramento RecyclingAll landfill spaces on this planet should be free from the harmful e-waste materials. When it is time to dispose of your computer unit our e-waste services can help you. Let us provide you the easiest and most comfortable way to recycle, remarket and/or donate your desktop or laptop. We can repair and refurbish parts of your unit or even the whole product that can be subjected for reselling afterwards. Speaking of reselling you can earn 70% from us. This will be your profit share through our IT Asset Remarketing Program.

By scheduling a free-of-charge e-waste pickup service or by locating a near drop-off location you’re on your way to success. We can easily help you achieve your business goals vis-a-vis recycling and remarketing your tech items.

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Exporting domestic e-waste products is not advised by environmentalists. This can harm all of us. The best way is to recycle and let an e-waste solution provider process, treat the items below.

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