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Electronics Recycling in Johnstown

We offer a reliable solution to your e-waste disposal concerns with the use of top-of-the-line technology. Let All Green help you recycle and remarket your old electronics.


Electronics Recycling

We are a certified Electronic Recycling company. We brag of our technology and  expertise in the delivery of the best available service in the city.

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IT Asset Disposition

The use of technology increases business productivity and boost earnings. We are here to manage assets that have started to age and bog down.

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Data Destruction

We know how to safeguard company information stored on your devices. All Green is expert in secure and certified Data Destruction.

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Equipment Destruction

We use data recovery techniques on a wide range of electronic equipment brought to us for destruction, from floppy disks to  laptops.

Electronics Recycling Johnstown Services, NY

Johnstown Electronics Recycle And EwasteAll Green’s Electronics Recycling Johnstown Services helps deter the occurrence of tragedy due to environmental factors by ensuring the proper disposal of e-wastes and its hazardous contents. With us, you can help easily this city become free from the hazards of electronic waste. We must work together to bring sustainability in this area through our commitment to the environment. 

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IT Asset Disposition

Johnstown Electronics Recycle And EwasteWhile technology help companies increase productivity and revenue generation, it also has a downside if not properly managed. The unsecured disposal of obsolete assets can make businesses vulnerable to outside threats. Our goal is to help you protect your brand while we dispose your out-of-life assets. We mitigate the risk of data breach.


Johnstown Locations

Johnstown Electronics Recycle And Ewaste

You will find us in strategic locations in the city. We are within your reach.

Convenient Pick Up by a Certified Electronics Recycling Company

We are the only IT Recycling service provider in the country that owns a wide range of trucks for e-waste pick up. We visit your homes or offices to retrieve end-of-life assets that are for disposal. As a commitment to our clients, we document the processing of the individual assets from its collection to its destruction. Our records would show that we are the best in the industry and the most compliant with stringent global standards.

Johnstown Hard Drive Shredding, New York

When you shred a piece of paper, everything that is written on it is already deemed worthless. When your shred a hard drive, the files and documents it contain will also be lost permanently. This may sound an easy thing to do, but this will require expert intervention. We have the personnel and the equipment to perform this task. Do not hesitate to contact us. Tapping our services is a good business practice. This is proof of how much you value your security.

Contact us now and let All Green be part of your commitment to the environment.