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Electronics Recycling in Merced

If you have old computers, mobile phones, and other electronics that need to be recycled and remarketed, just call the attention of All Green Electronics Recycling. Let us serve you with our IT Asset Remarketing, Data Security and Hard Drive Shredding, and Equipment Destruction Services.

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Electronics Recycling

Recycling old computers and mobile phones should be done in a hassle-free, convenient way. Let us help you now.

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IT Asset Disposition

Disposing of disposable electronic products can easily be done with the help of an expert company like All Green.

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Data Destruction

All sensitive data and information must be deleted to protect your business from the harm of data breaches and hacking.

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Equipment Destruction

Obsolete or end-of-life electronic products must be destroyed to protect your business brand. Call us now.

Electronics Recycling Merced Services By All Green

merced imageWhen talking about electronic waste, it is a serious issue these days. It requires a high level approach in order to address the problems associated to it. Recycling old electronics is advised because this is the only way to avoid the dangerous effects of cadmium, copper, mercury, nickel, iron, and other hazardous materials found in old computers and other tech devices. Hence, trying All Green’s Electronics Recycling Merced Services is one best option you can do starting today.

Merced is the county seat of Merced County which is located in San Joaquin Valley, California. This city, sometimes known as the “Gateway to Yosemite,” is just two hours away from Yosemite, and two hours away from Monterey Bay. It is home to the tenth University of California campus: UC Merced. 

Today, you can schedule an e-waste pickup through this link.

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IT Asset Disposition

Queens Electronic Recycling and E-WasteAn ITAD Solution that is reliable and tested is what we are offering to the people in this location. Dumping of electronic trash is not advised. Why? This practice can destroy extremely the environment. Recycling old computer units, mobile phones, and other EOL IT equipment is great. This should be the practice with respect to the use of tech products. It can save money and natural resources.

So what to do? By scheduling an e-waste pickup, you start to do your share of the pie. What does it mean? A zero e-waste landfill is upheld when you tap All Green services. Aside from helping the environment, you can also save money when you recycle and remarket your old electronic devices.

Merced Electronics Recycling

Availing of our tested e-waste services is the best thing you can do. Choose the service you want from the list below.

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