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Lafayette IT Asset Disposition

Recoup losses from IT asset disposition. Call us and we will handle disposal for you with the aim of minimizing costs while maximizing recoup of losses. We handle electronic recycling, computer recycling, data destruction and hard drive shredding.

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Lafayette Electronics Recycling

Lafayette Electronics

Recycle electronics in Lafayette. Call us because we can do e-waste pickups. We will then handle your electronics, sending these or their parts to the recycling facility.

Lafayette Computer Recycling

Lafayette Computer

Don’t know what to do with old computers? Call us! Computers contain parts that can still be used for other electronics.

Lafayette Data Destruction

Lafayette Data

Make sure your personal information is safe. We can digitally wipe out data through our data destruction service. Better be safe than sorry.

Lafayette Hard Drive Shredding

Lafayette Hard Drive

Before you dispose of hard drives, make sure these are unreadable. Call for a hard drive shredding service. To give you peace of mind, watch us while we shred through our on-site service.

IT Asset Disposition in Lafayette, IN

You can think of your IT Assets to be good choices of investments. You can use them to improve and increase your productivity as an individual or business owner or you may also make money from them if you opt to recycle their parts. Even if they are already damaged, there are still pieces of them that you can recycle and resell.


In doing so, you will need the help of All Green Electronics Recycling. In your city, we have our exclusive Lafayette IT Asset Disposition services. Therefore, you do not need to worry anymore about your used gadgets because recycling them is so much easy with us.

Lafayette, Indiana

In this big city of Lafayette or popularly known as the Star City, in which the symbol is reflected in their flag, you can find many business sectors populating the place. Because of its competitive economy, you can expect everything to be progressive.

However, like any other booming cities in the whole state of Indiana, preservation of nature is still important in Lafayette. With lots of electronic devices being produced in the market today, it is alarming if people will not know the existence of All Green Electronics Recycling.

Our services are offered to help all individuals recycle the electronic gadgets and not just dump them anywhere in a trash bin.

IT Asset Disposition Services Offered In: 

We’re Expert in ITAD!

It is okay to operate your business with the most updated electronic devices you can utilize. However, your used IT equipments are never useless yet. Instead of just stockpiling them all in your garage area or anywhere else, why not contact our Lafayette IT Asset Disposition services to handle your materials.

What we can do with these items is to assess to what parts can still be recycled and the things you can resell. We do the cleaning of your database so you can offer them to your buyers with no worries of leaking some details. We share the revenue and that is where you will earn from your used electronic devices. Learn more about this!

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