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Recycle Your Hover Board Fleet & Other Electronics


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Recycling a hover board can be a pain – let All Green Electronics Recycling do all the work for you! We can arrange to come out to your premises free of change. And after we’ve picked up your hover board – or fleet of hover boards – you can monitor recycling progress using our advanced real-time online monitoring application. So don’t throw your old hover board in the trash – the components inside can be reused and recycled, and pay you money back into your business. Contact All Green Electronics Recycling today and learn about our recycling solutions.

Hover Board Recycling and Destruction

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You may not be aware of the benefits of hover board recycling and destruction, and the fact that our convenient pick-up service makes it easier than ever for you. Our specialized equipment can dismantle and recycle the complex components such as batteries, circuit boards, and electric motors in an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way. And in addition to the traditional strategy of reusing rare metals embedded in your hover board such as lithium, nickel, lead, silver, and cadmium, we specialize in remarketing and repurposing them. Both of these tasks have been proven to generate income out of your unwanted electronic goods – including sporting goods like hover boards. Our unique ITAD strategy enables us to pick the optimum choice when decommissioning your business’s equipment securely, safely and cheaply.



We realize that running a small business like a hover board company can be a tough gig, which is why we offer the convenience of on-site pickup for your hover boards, drastically reducing the recycling cost to your business. You can use our online portal to schedule a time for one of our qualified recycling experts to come to you.

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Unsafe disposal of electronic equipment is unnecessary with the advanced recycling technology available at All Green Electronics Recycling. Why would you send your goods to a landfill instead of investigating hover board recycling and destruction instead? With increasing social awareness of pollution and the impact it is having on our natural environment, such actions may even damage your company’s reputation. Thanks to our high standard of service, and unique ability to recycle almost anything electronic, your company is well covered. All items passing through our door are 100% recycled, so we both contribute to a better future for the planet.

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There will come a time when a hover board recycling and destruction service will be required to dispose of your hover board fleet, as they eventually become tired and outdated making replacement necessary for the smooth operation of your business. But what should you do with your old ones? How can you gain some of your initial investment back through recycling the valuable metals inside? What can be done with the potentially harmful materials which are polluting landfills?

Many people don’t realize what is actually inside hover boards. While there are valuable metals which can and should be recycled, there are also potentially harmful materials as well. Batteries in a hover board contain harmful levels of cadmium, selenium, lithium, acids and a host of other useful substances that can be recycled. But if these are not disposed of properly, they can end up in our water supply, and causing a gradual pollution of our natural environment – harming both humans and animals alike.

Hoverboard ImageAt All Green Electronics Recycling, we believe in the importance of preserving our environment and consider ethics to be of the utmost importance. You can arrange for us to pick up your old electronics – including your hover board – for free, or you can drop them off at any one of our nationwide drop-off locations. And once your recycling request is in our system, you’ll be able to track your item on our website throughout the entire process.

So before you send your old hover board fleet to landfill, let us handle it for you. We can handle the entire process of hover board recycling and destruction for you – from finding a drop off location nearest to you, or arranging pickup of your items from your door. Not only will you clear office space, you’ll also help the planet and get money back in your pocket too.

Give All Green Electronics Recycling a call, and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives to take advantage of our hover board recycling and destruction service.