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Fresno Electronics Recycling

Trusting a company outsider to handle your E-waste disposal is not an easy thing to do. But we have credentials to boast of and a track record of being the industry leader in Fresno City in the State of California. We follow global standards in electronics recycling which earned us our ISO 14001 and R2 Responsible Recycling certifications.

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Fresno Computer

Several others try to convince the people of Fresno City that they are capable of providing a high quality computer disposal service.  Don’t be decieved by their empty promises. A reliable service provider knows that each computer unit contains a wealth of parts that should not end up in the garbage bin.


Fresno Data

The Department of Homeland Security can speak of how well we handle data destruction through digital wiping and physical destruction. We are guided by the highest industry standards in hard drive elimination. After our work is done, we will guarantee that your storage and its data contents will already be irrecoverable.


Fresno Hard Drive

We guarantee the protection of the data content of your hard drive and prevent its unnecessary loss when we work. It is our responsibility to dispose your equipment with the utmost care that it deserves. Risk minimization is guaranteed with our R2 Responsible Recycling, certification and ISO 14001.


Fresno IT Asset

We are in Fresno City to offer convenient and reliable IT Asset Disposition to its 520, 000 residents. Our highly trained technicians facilitate the transfer of your old IT assets from your homes to our facility for disposal. We use only the best and the newest technology in our work.

Electronics Recycling in Fresno, CA

To prevent e-wastes from finding its way into the landfill, call Fresno Electronics Recycling and turnover your electronic trashes to use for recycling and reuse. We will harvest the re-usable items that we can still take from your end and make them useful again. This is the importance of our offered electronic-related service. 


Fresno, California

The city was founded by the Central Pacific Railroad Company in 1872 and is now a prime spot for agriculture in the entire country. Its vast agricultural land produces grapes, almonds, tomatoes and oranges. Fresno is located at the heart of the state and in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. From its agricultural fields to the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevadas, Fresno always has something to offer its people and visitors. It even has an underground garden called the Forestiere Underground Gardens. An immigrant from Sicily was inspired by Roman catacombs when he decided to do underground rooms, a courtyard and passages. His three- level creation also includes a collection of shrubs, fruits trees and vines some of which are already over 90-years-old.

Electronic Recycling Services Offered In:

Fresno Electronics Recycling Plays Important Role to Responsibly Dispose E-Waste

Never allow toxic materials coming from your electronic wastes destroy Fresco’s natural beauty.  On the contrary, make an effort to help on the conservation of the city’s prime spots. Take pride in your beautiful city. In order to do this, the time has come for you to also tap the help of an expert like Fresno Electronics Recycling to ensure environmental protection in Fresno.

Our recylcers are trained to spot the hazardous contents of your e-waste that requires proper disposal.  Some electronics equipment contain led and mercury that are hazardous to humans upon contact. Our specialized personnel are also trained to spot which components can still be recycled for reuse. All Green Electronics Recycling always raises the bar in the recycling industry to satisfy our clients needs.

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