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Let All Green be your ultimate partner in managing, handling your electronic waste in Fairfax. Our Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition, Data Destruction and Equipment Destruction are tested through the years.


Electronics Recycling

An e-waste solution provider that is highly recognized in the entire North America. Let All Green help you recycle old electronics.

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IT Asset Disposition

When it comes to disposing of your old IT equipment, you should trust only one name in the industry - All Green Recycling.

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Data Destruction

Destroying all non-public, sensitive files about your business and clients is critical. Leave it to the expert like us. We exactly know how to do it right.

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Equipment Destruction

All defective, recalled, and old IT equipment should not find their way again back to the market. We have the solution for that.

Electronics Recycling Fairfax Services, CA

Fairfax Electronic Waste RecyclingThere are several reasons why you have to recycle old electronics. On top of all reasons is the reality that all old computers, mobile phones, and other EOL IT equipment, when dumped in the dumping sites, can cause environmental problems. That’s why you have to embrace All Green’s Electronics Recycling Fairfax Services. This is designed to give peace of mind among those people who want to recycle, reuse, and remarket their end-of-life tech products.

Fairfax is an incorporated town in Marin County, in the San Francisco Bay area. Some people consider this town to be the birthplace of mountain biking. To help keep Fairfax clean and e-waste free, you need to schedule an e-waste pickup with All Green today.

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IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronics In Fairfax, CaWe have been in this industry for many years now. Our experience has been molded through the years of excellent performance and service. We offer various ITAD Solutions to pave the way for you to have ease and convenience when it comes to e-cycling. All e-junks must not be dumped in the landfills.

Our drive is to take, collect, treat and process all electronic disposables so that will never be dumped elsewhere. We have a lot of partners and agents in recycling all throughout the country and even in North America. If you want to also cut cost that can be incurred for technology replacement, we have a remarketing program which can work for you.

Fairfax Electronics Recycling

Wherever you are in the map shown above, you can enjoy our IT Asset Services which comprise of the following:

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