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By counting on our IT Asset Disposition Plans and Programs, you will experience great results. We can handle e-waste.  

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Sensitive data and information can cause you trouble if you are not able to erase them digitally. Trust our service now.

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We have the best people to destroy old, retiring, defective and recalled electronic equipment. It is to protect your brand.

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Electronics Recycling Half Moon Bay CA

According to a report, 50 to 80% of discarded e-waste is transported to poor Asian countries for electronics recycling. However, there have been evident mishaps during the supposed treatment process of the old computers, mobile phones, and other devices. For example, in Guiyu, China where many disposed electronic products are recycled, the workers have been suffering from the so-called techno trash effects. They are extremely exposed to the toxic materials because of lack of financial investment to realize a comprehensive electronic waste recycling. The reality is they’re just doing what is known as “informal recycling.” This phenomenon has prompted the need for us to take our action. In this town, you need to rely on All Green’s Electronics Recycling Half Moon Bay Services. It is one of the reliable solutions available in California.

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Half Moon Bay, California

It is a small city situated in the south of San Francisco, California coastline. There is a string of beaches here. Half Moon Bay State Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. It had recorded 11,324 residents based on 2010 population survey. With this booming population, the people here need to embrace a proper electronic junk management system.

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If you’re looking for a credible company to help you recycle old and retiring tech gadgets, you need to try our name. Our brand of service has already been enjoyed through the years. We have workers who are equipped with proper know-how on how to dismantle, collect, transport, and treat your EOL IT equipment in our facilities.

Our primary goal is to process all electronic recyclables. If you possess old computers and you’re planning to replace them with new models, you can try our computer recycling service. We will recycle end-of-life computers according to standards and right practices.

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