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Anaheim Electronics Recycling

Secure E-Waste Recycling in Anaheim, the rest of California and across the United States. With IT Asset Disposition, Hard Drive Destruction and On-Site Hard Drive Shredding, we are Anaheim’s premier electronics recycling company.

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Anaheim Computer

Recycle computers in Anaheim with our convenient e-waste pickup and recycling services. Our convenient electronic recycling options will ensure proper handling of all of your e-waste.

Anaheim Data

Secure Hard Drive Destruction services with options to wipe, degauss, crush or shred your data. Our secure Data Destruction options give you guaranteed peace of mind that your data is completely safe.


Anaheim Hard Drive

Secure Shredding of Hard Drives in Anaheim and the surrounding area is safe. We can send our special hard drive shredding system right to you and shred your hard drives while you watch.


Anaheim IT Asset

Make your End-of-life IT Assets a source of revenue with ITAD services. When refreshing your IT Equipment, count on us to recycle, resell or destroy your old equipment according to your standards.

Electronics Recycling in Anaheim, CA

Is your stock room full of unused electronic devices? Do you want to throw them away for good? Did you know that you could still earn some great amount of money from these trashes? You will need the help of All Green Anaheim Electronics Recycling. We are promoting the most effective and environmentally friendly ways in dealing with electronic junks.

You may want to take part of it!

Instead of letting these devices rot in your storage room, why not hand them over to us and we will treat them with our facility and make them reusable again. You will also benefit from this procedure because reselling your items can generate some cash.

Electronic Recycling Services Offered In:

Anaheim, California

Anaheim is a city where you can find the Disneyland Resort. It is always inviting thousands of people every year, which also contributes to the booming economy of the place. Adults and children from different neighboring cities are flying to Anaheim in order to spend family bonding time and leisure.

To accompany the growth of the city, All Green Electronics Recycling is assisting all the companies and individuals to properly dispose their electronic gadgets when no longer of use to them.

This is to make sure that environmental policies are followed, in which one of them is emphasizing that these units should never reach the dumpsite.

Anaheim Electronics Recycling: Actions Toward the Environment

Take the step of making a difference. Do not be a contributor of toxins into our environment. Become our partner in saving the nature. Recycle your electronic gadgets with us.

You are not just helping your community, but also the future generation. Whatever you do today will always have an effect of what the tomorrow will be. The first step to take is to work with us. Our Anaheim Electronics Recycling team will assist you in the whole process. Cooperate and you will gain the monetary and other intangible benefits.

Do you want to have a healthy Earth to live in? If yes, then schedule an E-Waste Pickup today!

Secure Recycling of Computers, Laptops, Televisions & More: