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Electronics Recycling in West L.A. County

For your e-waste recycling needs, let the team of All Green help you recycle and reuse your e-waste with our on-site pick up service in West L.A. County, California. 

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Electronics Recycling

It is a daunting task to manage and handle your disposable IT equipment. But All Green is tested company to provide the best solution.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD solutions are beyond risk management. We ensure that you can have peace of mind when your IT assets are recycled and remarketed.

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Data Destruction 

With our proven and tested hard drive shredding services, it can be assured that your sensitive files and information will permanently be deleted.

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Equipment Destruction

We will crush, shred, and destroy your end-of-life IT equipment. Our services are fully secure and certified that's why All Green is trusted. 

Electronics Recycling West L.A. County Drop-off Locations

For your e-waste recycling needs, All Green’s Electronics Recycling West L.A. County Services are available in the following locations:

If your city is not listed or the nearest drop-off location is too far, then request a pick-up from your home or business by following the link below.

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Recycle Electronics Today

Ventura Electronics Recycle and EWasteE-waste is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. The thing is, an average person buys a new electronic gadget every four to five years and throws off the old ones. End-of-like electronic gadgets and appliances will be thrown away when they are no longer usable.

Electronics Recycling West L.A. County is organized by All Green to process old or used electronic products. The materials from old computer units, for example, can be made into another unit or a new product. We have raised the bar in the recycling industry, making us one of the most responsible companies in the United States. We pick up your old electronics and make them available for reuse.

Other Items You May Consider Recycling:

Electronics Recycling

old_computer_phone05 ImageEconomic globalization and technological revolution have changed our lifestyle, making us consume more electronic products than we did in the past. Unfortunately, the unrestrained consumption of these electronic products has led to the increasing e-waste problem. 

A lot of people —not just Americans — are not aware of the drawback of e-waste and are not even knowledgeable with e-waste recycling.

All Green knows that awareness and proper implementation are important to get everyone on the same page. We’ve positioned ourselves as the nationwide leader in electronics recycling. 

Our IT Asset Remarketing helps companies have a return on investment. The refurbished electronics can be sold to employees while some recovered parts or materials can be made available for resale. 

Computer Disposal

E-Waste Collectors • Waste HaulersOur West L.A. County  Computer Recycling follows strict and eco-friendly process to ensure proper disposal and reuse of computer units. We fully automate our process to ensure that we are following the strict electronics recycling regulations.

Items that are to be recycled are shredded down into smaller pieces. We separate and recover  all of the valuable materials that can be reused. All recovered items are then processed by our partner companies and recyclers. 

All Green is responsible for determining the value of these materials and for finding ways on how they can be re-purposed. Through using old materials from scrapped electronic products, we are saving our natural or raw products from being depleted.

Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

Data_Security05 ImageWest L.A. County Hard Drive Shredding is offered to those who wish to have their hard drives destroyed, so the sensitive or private information won’t be divulged to anyone else prying on those important data. 

All Green will make sure not a single file is stored since we are using the latest equipment to destroy hard drives. Remember that we don’t just wipe out files, but we physically shred those hard drives — either on-site or off-site. 

We’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction to ensure that your hard drives have been properly destroyed. 

Nationwide Processing Centers

nationwide_network05 ImageElectronics recycling is the best way to remedy the catastrophic effects of e-waste to the environment and even human health. 

Electronics recycling West L.A. County is here to reach out to more residents to help support out vision. We have nationwide processing centers to ensure that we are raising more and more awareness on electronics recycling.

You can help us out by allowing us to collect those old electronics instead of letting those stuff sit around inside your house for years.