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Electronics Recycling in San Luis Obispo County

To easily recycle and remarket old electronic products, you should try the E-Waste Management Solutions of All Green Recycling.


Electronics Recycling

Our Electronics Recycling system is proven and tested. Choose All Green to deliver excellent results.

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IT Asset Disposition

We have premium ITAD Solutions that can dispose of your tech items with monetary returns up to 70%.

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Data Destruction

Destroying data that are sensitive and confidential should only be done by experts. All Green is expert.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying EOL and defective tech products in your office is an effective process to protect your brand.

Electronics Recycling San Luis Obispo County Drop-off Locations By All Green

If you’re looking for the right company that offers world-class electronic waste solutions, All Green should be tried. We offer Electronics Recycling San Luis Obispo County Services in the following locations:

Where is San Luis Obispo County?

San Luis Obispo County is in California. This is located on the central coast of California between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. Over 269,637 people are living here, occupying the seven incorporated cities.

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Recycle Electronics Today

recycle-electronicsThere have been an enormous volume of electronic waste materials being accumulated each year. Why? Technology is a fast pacing reality. Almost every month there are new models of cellular phones and computers. According to survey, each computer user has to replace his or her unit every 2 years. With this fact, e-waste is a major problem in the solid waste industry.

Don’t throw your e-junk anywhere else because this is punishable by state and federal laws. All companies are required to have their proper electronic trash management programs that will cater to the rising needs of responsible e-cycling. To start your share of the pie, you need to call upon our attention in order to book a pickup service. If you can’t do it now, you can just find a nearest drop-off point of All Green Recycling.

Other Items You May Consider Recycling

Starting today, you can recycle, reuse, and re-market the following tech products.

San Luis Obispo County Computer Recycling

Computer Disposal ImageComputers are important part in ever business. Owners and operators must see to it that their computer facilities and equipment should always be brand new and modern. The efficiency of output is highly dependent on computing technology. That’s why replacing it yearly or every 2 years is a reality.

What to do with your old computer products? Recycle them. This is the only way for you to enjoy multiple benefits. With All Green, for instance, you can earn 70% from your refurbished and repaired desktops and/or laptops, when they’re sold to third-party buyers after the refurbishment and repair period.

Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

Data Security ImageYou have to protect your brand securely, aren’t you. This is a common principle among business operators. Data breaches can harm your operation. hence, you need to secure the sensitive data and information through our Hard Drive Shredding Service. All Green is equipped with modern-day facilities and equipment. Our shredding machine has been proven to shred, destroy hundreds of hard drives and servers with confidential files and information.

Nationwide Processing Centers

Nationwide Processing Centers imageE-cycling should be taken seriously. Of course, we know that recycling your e-waste is a daunting task. You need our expert support and help. We work 7 days a week to make sure that everyone will be served and catered to according to the needs.

We have nationwide processing centers in the country. We also have more pickup trucks in North America. Serving you with all our best and commitment is our primary principle and is part of our work ethic.

Contact us today for more detailed information about our Electronics Recycling San Luis Obispo County Services.