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Electronics Recycling in San Luis Obispo

Recycle Electronics in San Luis Obispo in order to help keep California clean and green. Contact All Green Recycling for a stress-free recycling process, which involves an e-waste pickup.


Electronics Recycling

Prevent being penalized for possible improper disposal of electronic wastes by sending these devices to a recycling service provider. Be responsible for the environment and for the future.

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IT Asset Disposition

Because of our zero-landfill policy, we strive to use up all parts of an electronic waste. This may result in the refurbishment and remarketing of some electronics as part of our service.

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Data Destruction

Not only do we take care of the environment, we also take care of our clients’ reputation. We make sure that electronics sent our way will have data digitally wiped out to prevent breach.

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Equipment Destruction

Our facility goes beyond the mere recycling. Because we know how important information can be among companies, we also provide equipment destruction service to prevent data leaks.  

Electronics Recycling San Luis Obispo Services By All Green


California is known for its two major cities: Los Angeles and San Francisco. But midway between the two popular cities in the Central Coast is what is known as San Luis Obispo or SLO for short. Based on the last census, the city has some 45,000 residents. This is one of California’s older communities. It would be too bad if Californians lose SLO just because people are too lazy to recycle their electronic devices. To help recycle old electronics in this area, we offer Electronics Recycling San Luis Obispo Services.

SLO is largely an agricultural area. It is known for its many ranches in the 19th century. While ranches continue to thrive, they are no longer as booming as they used to be. Most industries are now focused on dairies and other agricultural products.

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IT Asset Disposition

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Preserve the agricultural importance of SLO by recycling electronics in San Luis Obispo with All Green Recycling, a certified electronics recycling service provider. By doing your part in recycling or properly disposing of old electronics, we are making sure that the meat an agricultural produce of SLO are of the highest quality. Electronics contain dangerous materials like lead, cadmium and mercury. If we allow our electronic wastes to reach the landfill, we might as well have poisoned the cattle and fruits and vegetables that came from SLO farms and ranches. These toxic wastes have the distinct possibility of contaminating water sources of they are allowed to reach the landfill.

San Luis Obispo Electronics Recycling: Trusted and Credible

Get to know the areas covered by our company operation in San Luis Obispo. Pond, Kernell, North Kern State Prison, Delano, Jasmin are just some of the neighboring areas that All Green Recycling can reach with its services. San Luis Obispo electronics recycling is a crucial step in making the entire state of California clean and green. We make things more convenient for you because you can recycle your electronic wastes in two ways. You can take them in drop-off centers if there are some along your way to and from work. The advantage of this is that you can go anytime you want to.

But here’s an even better service: electronic waste pickup. Just call our local office and schedule an electronic waste pickup. The advantage here is that you don’t need to carry the electronics—you just wait for our mobile facility to take them off your hands. The disadvantage is that there is a schedule to keep—so you can’t really make emergency excuses.

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