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Our Certified IT Asset Disposition in Hartford, the rest of Connecticut and across the United States is beneficial to the residents of the place. We are the Hartford’s premier electronics recycling company committed to provide high quality of service to the people.

Hartford Electronics Recycling

Hartford Electronics

It is now easy to recycle e-wastes in Hartford with our system. We offer a good recycling process in the city with the responsibility to protect our environment to possible damage due to improper way of waste disposal.

Hartford Computer Recycling

Hartford Computer

Proper computer recycling process in Hartford is important. We follow recycling processes which are beneficial for both our clients and to the environment. Our team can effectively handle anything you want using our offered options related to recycling your old computers.

Hartford Data Destruction

Hartford Data

Data Destruction is one of the sensitive services we provide in Hartford. You can choose from the options we have; wiping, degaussing, crushing or shredding your data. We have trained individuals that can properly handle the process to ensure that sensitive information remains in private for you.

Hartford Hard Drive Shredding

Hartford Hard Drive

We offer you the best Hard Drive Shredding service in Hartford. We have equipped workers assigned to shred the sensitive data and information through our latest technology. Don’t hesitate to approach us, because we are very much willing to work with you.

IT Asset Disposition in Hartford, CT

IT Asset Disposition is a must in this age of Internet and modern technology. You guys in Hartford should go and check and see for yourself that all your IT assets are continuously filling up in your storage area. This may cause harm to you and to your business as well. Why will you allow it to happen when you can have a stress-free, hassle-free and the best service by All Green Electronics Recycling? This company cares for your career and good health as well so we’re here to help you dispose the unwanted and unused IT equipment and facilities. In Connecticut, we offer the best and world-class Hartford IT Asset Disposition.


Hartford, Connecticut

In 2010, the population in this city was 124,775. Thus, this is the fourth largest city in Connecticut. Therefore, there are a lot of business establishments operating in this area. Those establishments need our IT Asset Disposition in Hartford.


If IT assets are not disposed properly and professionally, they may cause environmental harm and human risks.

Our service is guaranteed in this city. So choose us now!

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We’re Expert in Hartford ITAD

All Green Electronics Recycling offers Hartford the expertise in IT Asset Disposition. All we need is your trust and your acknowledgement and we will surely give you more than what you desire for our service to be.

We’re more than happy to serve the great people in this city with the high quality service of Hartford IT Asset Disposition.

We are here to help you improve business efficiency through the proper disposal of unused and old IT facilities, like computers, scanners, printers, and other electronic materials.

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