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Stanislaus County Electronics Recycling

Recycling Electronics is a very simple and eco-friendly process. We treat or process used electronics in order to make the materials more suitable for reuse. Our goal is to turn everything we collect into a reusable stream of components or commodities.


Electronics Recycling Stanislaus County Drop-off Locations

Our Electronics Recycling Stanislaus County Services are offered in the cities below. 

If your city is not listed or the nearest drop-off location is too far, then request a pickup from your home or business by following the link below.

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Recycle Electronics Today

Recycle Electronics ImageElectronics Recycling Stanislaus County is here to help solve the growing e-waste problem in the United States. We dismantle end-of-life electronic products and turn them into more reusable materials or commodities. Metals found in electronic products are often recyclable.

We also offer IT Asset Remarketing, where we remarket outdated equipment for you to save on costs. 

Recycling electronics is our social responsibility because we want to conserve the environment.  Not a lot of people know that the toxic chemicals being emitted from e-waste destroy the atmosphere and pollute the water system. We’ve done our share to the environment by using eco-friendly practices in electronics recycling. Our methodologies follow all EPA regulations and guidelines for handling e-waste.

Other Items You May Consider Recycling:

Electronics Recycling

Old Computer Phone ImageAll Green Electronics Recycling intensifies its vision of conserving the environment. It is known as the nationwide leader in responsible electronics recycling. 

Support us by having your old electronic products sent to us and we will have those recycled.  Even a single piece of old gadget you hand us will make you support our program of cleaner and greener environment.

Computer Disposal

Computer Disposal ImageStanislaus County Computer Recycling aims to re-purpose the materials from old computer units. 

Scrapped computer units are broken down into smaller pieces — up to 2 inches in diameter.  The coarse materials are separated and the separation process is 95% automated. Some of the materials retrieved from old computers are: copper, iron, aluminum, plastic, glass, shredded circuit boards, and more. Those recovered materials will be forwarded to our partner companies or other recyclers. The raw materials will be processed to create new items or products.

All those electronic items are evaluated first before they will be re-purposed to create new products. Some components are disassembled and some are refurbished. 

Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

Data Security ImageStanislaus County Data Destruction respects privacy and security. Hard drive files will be removed.

Since we service the U.S government and the military, we guarantee safe and secured data destruction for everyone. We shred hard drives to destroy the files, so nobody could access them without your permission. We make sure that your files are irrecoverable. 

Nationwide Processing Centers

Nationwide Processing Centers ImageImagine how much percentage of e-waste is being reduced from landfills each day. 

All Green has nationwide processing centers and partners. This helps us reach more homeowners and businesses to support us in reducing e-waste in the United States.

Hazardous e-waste products don’t have to end up in landfills. We make it possible to have those old or unused electronic equipment re-purposed to create new materials. Contact us now.