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Are you far from the cities or drop-off locations listed? Simply request an All Green’s Electronics Recycling North Country has a team to pick up your e-waste from your home or business. Just follow the link given below.

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Electronic WasteElectronics recycling North Country allows its residents to have all types of electronic equipment recycled instead of throwing them straight to the garbage. 

Through electronics recycling, the people are doing their part to save the environment and reduce pollution. All recovered materials from old electronics are used to create new ones. So imagine the favor you are giving back to the environment once you recycle an old phone, computer, or any gadget. 

Our electronics recycling services thrive on our basic principle of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!” Our North Country Electronics Disposal services adhere to the strict EPA regulations and guidelines. Recycling unsafe IT materials can’t be taken care of by inexperienced team. Allow us to refurbish all of your disposed electronics and let’s work together to save the environment.

Other Items You May Consider Recycling:

North Country Electronics Recycling

Responsible Electronics RecyclingAll Green has been recognized for its effort in reducing the increasing volume of e-waste in the country. We make it much easier to recycle almost all types of electronics while we make sure your sensitive data are protected. We give priority to the responsible electronic recycling practices or methodologies to ensure that we are doing only the best for the environment.

Computer Disposal

Computer DisposalNorth Country Computer Recycling is possible with the help of All Green! 

All collected computers will be sorted out according to item type. These recycled items are stripped into pieces up to about 2 inches in diameter. Both useful and hazardous materials of the computer are separated. The remaining materials will be shredded (e.g. circuit boards, wires, plastic shells, and etc.). 

Other recovered materials will be forwarded to our partner companies that will either reuse or create new products out of the recycled materials. 

All Green knows how those materials from your e-waste can be reused or preserved. Dismantling electronic materials with care is our responsibility. 

Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

Data Security And Hard Drive DestructionHard drives contain important private information. We value privacy and security that’s why we have North Country data destruction. 

North Country hard drive destruction ensures your data are wiped out, shredded, and crashed. Some of the materials from hard drives are used in automotive industry.

We have served the U.S government and the military. Expect only the best and guaranteed results.

Nationwide Processing Centers

Nationwide Processing CentersE-waste recycling is the best thing we can do to preserve the environment since there is a strong demand for electronic equipment these days. We cannot curtail progress, but we can do something to address the ever-increasing e-waste problem in the United States.

Our methodologies are smart, effective, and practical. We have branched out to serve different states and all throughout North America. Hazardous e-waste materials should not take more space in the landfills. 

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