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Electronics Recycling in Pomona Valley

Recycling old electronics in Pomona Valley is easy and convenient with All Green Electronics Recycling. Let us help you with our tested ITAD Solutions, IT Asset Remarketing, and Equipment Destruction.


Electronics Recycling

We have the best team to help you professionally recycle, remarket your old electronics in Pomona Valley.

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IT Asset Disposition

Disposing of your old, yet still marketable computers, mobile phones and other IT equipment is easy with us.

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Data Destruction

Destroying your old hard drives, SSDs, and other digital data portals is our way to help you protect your brand.

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Equipment Destruction

The destruction of old, defective, and recalled IT equipment is the best way to avoid the risks of data breaches.

Electronics Recycling Pomona Valley Drop-off Locations By All Green

For all e-waste recycling needs in this location, you should consider Electronics Recycling Pomona Valley Services by All Green Electronics Recycling. Our services are available in the locations below.

If your city is not listed above or you’re far from the nearest drop-off location, then request a pickup from your home or business by following the link below.

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Pomona Valley Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling Pomona Valley


We recycle all types of electronic disposables in this location. We accept, process and treat them accordingly. With our e-waste disposal system, we assure you that you can have the best experience with us. We have cutting-edge facilities located in Southern California and we also have an extensive network of recycling partners and agents all throughout North America.

Recycle Electronics Today

Our ITAD Solutions are very simple and eco-friendly. We will accept, collect all your electronics and we will produce a new set of newly refurbished products which can be subjected for resale thereafter.

As we follow the practices behind “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Campaign, rest assured we are doing our best to help protect the environment. All our services are compliant with all present and existing EPA regulations and guidelines.

List of Items You May Consider Recycling:

Electronics Recycling

We’re considered as a nationwide leader in responsible e-waste management and recycling. Just count on us as we will professionally recycle your old electronics such as old computers, mobile phones, screens and monitors, TV sets, printers, fax machines, and other EOL IT equipment. 

Computer Disposal

All computers have hazardous metals like nickel, iron, copper, and cadmium. That’s why they must be recycled, reused, and remarketed. They must not be thrown in the garbage bins that will end up in the landfills anywhere in the county. Through our IT Asset Remarketing Program, you can earn 70% from the total net revenue after a successful resale of your fully refurbished computer units.

Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction

We have 100% excellent data security and hard drive shredding service that will protect your business name and brand. This service will make sure that all sensitive files, information will be deleted from the hard drives, SSDs, USBs, DVDs, and CDs that are disposable already. To make sure that your private information will not be viewed by others, you need us today.

Nationwide Processing Centers

We have nationwide processing centers that are always ready to cater to your needs. The extensiveness of our network will ensure that everything you need from us, in terms of electronic waste disposal and management, will be addressed. We even have more pickup trucks than the other recyclers, which make us more competitive than them.

To know more about our Electronics Recycling Pomona Valley Services, contact us right now.