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Electronics Recycling in San Dimas

All Green Recycling can be your partner in Electronics Recycling in San Dimas. So make us your partner in efficient and environment-friendly electronics recycling by calling our local office nearest you.


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Convenient electronic waste recycling services around the country with pick-up and drop-off services. We have an an online reporting in our recycling service.

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IT Asset Disposition

Do not allow IT assets to just go to waste by having these improved for reintroduction to the tech society. Recover IT assets as maximum value.

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Data Destruction

There is no need to worry about data breaches because of Data Destruction service with full data security compliance. Choose us today.

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Equipment Destruction

Protect information from electronic equipment no matter how old or obsolete it is. We have a secure and certified equipment destruction service.

Electronics Recycling San Dimas Services By All Green

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San Dimas is a Los Angeles suburb in California with over 12,500 housing units as of the last census. Expect each of these households to have more than one electronic item in the house. Imagine over 12,000 pieces of electronic items or more making their way to the landfill. Electronics contain toxic chemicals like arsenic, lead and cadmium. If these chemicals make their way to the landfill, there is a big possibility that it will leak into our ecosystem. Let our Electronics Recycling San Dimas Services help you deal with the problems associated to e-waste.

This is why residents should practice Electronics Recycling in San Dimas—for the sake of the future. There are over 33,000 residents of San Dimas as of the last census in 2010. These residents could partner with All Green Electronics Recycling in order to reuse and dispose old electronics.

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Recycling means doing good for the environment, which should turn on a lot of people. But still there are those who always look for convenience as the primordial consideration. We offer such convenience. If you need some electronics recycled or disposed of, you can just call our office or go online in order to schedule an electronic waste pickup. We also have some drop off centers in case you are in real hurry to get rid of your old stuff.


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World-Class Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition at Your Service

It is sometimes frustrating that you have to give up some electronic gadgets because some new models that are more efficient have been introduced to the market. And your company decides to upgrade the system in order to be more competitive. This would leave the company with a lot of IT assets that need to be dispose of. And these assets are not cheap in the first place. So what are you supposed to do? Call us and arrange to have these items assessed and eventually refurbished. By doing so, the equipment will become attractive again to the market and you will even earn from this type of waste. We also assist in terms of marketing.

San Dimas Hard Drive Shredding, CA

We understand if you don’t want electronics to leave your sight. This could be because of your office protocol or you are just concerned with security. We take security very seriously and that’s why we provide on-site shredding for your convenience and peace of mind. Our company owns a slew of advanced mobile shredders. Hard drive shredding is the ultimate protection against data breaches.

Contact us today for more details and information about our Electronics Recycling San Dimas Services.