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Electronics Recycling in La Verne

It is our expertise to recycle tech products. Let All Green Electronics Recycling help you with our tested IT Asset Disposition and Remarketing Services.


Electronics Recycling

It’s not easy to recycle old electronics. But with All Green’s presence in this area, you can have peace of mind.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD services follow the right standards and practices duly recognized in the whole wide world. Choose us now.  

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Data Destruction

To destroy the sensitive information is vital to your business. Why? This is to protect it from data-related risks.

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Equipment Destruction

Shredding and crushing old and recalled electronic products are two main focus of our Equipment Destruction.

Electronics Recycling La Verne Services By All Green

Electronics Recycling La Verne CADid you know that e-waste dumping has ill effects? There are hazardous metals found in recyclable tech products. They include lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, lithium, barium, among others. Once they are dumped in the landfills or bodies of water, they can cause environmental degradation. When computers are incinerated, they can even cause human diseases. If you want to stop the risks associated with them, you need to call our attention to dispose of them properly. Try our Electronics Recycling La Verne Services today. 

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La Verne, California

This is a small city located in Los Angeles County. The population here in 2010 according to the survey was 31,063, a decrease from 31,638 registered in the year 2000. Based on the Köppen Climate Classification system, the climate in this place is warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Furthermore, this is a suburb measured 30 miles east of Los Angeles. This is near the Pomona Valley and just below the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. The total land area of this city measures 8.562 square.

IT Asset Remarketing: Best to Reduce Tech Replacement Cost

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Replacing tech items is not easy. It’s costly because new cellular phones and computer models, for instance, have a high selling price. They, of course, have new features that are not present in the old models. If you want to buy a new laptop in your office, you have to spend more money.

But if you consider our IT Asset Remarketing Program, you can reduce such cost. We will be paying you a maximum of 70% out of the total reselling profit. This can happen right after the refurbishment and resale of your recyclable IT equipment. 

La Verne Electronics Recycling

If you’re unsure what to do with your disposable electronic devices, try our e-waste solutions. We crafted our services for your benefits. We have a vast network of recycling agents and partners all over North America. Our credibility has been tested through the years.

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