Electric Airplane Flies 200 Miles in 2 Hours

So we’ve all heard about electric cars, but what about electric airplanes?

A Pennsylvania team called Pipistrel-USA won $1.35 million from NASA after taking first place in the agency’s CAFE Green Flight Challenge with an electricity-powered plane called the Taurus G4.

It’s not a solution for commercial airliners just yet, but the Taurus G4 is an amazing accomplishment nonetheless. It flew 200 miles in under 2 hours on electricity alone. The electricity used was the equivalent of just two gallons of gas.

“Today we’ve shown that electric aircraft have moved beyond science fiction and are now in the realm of practice,” said Joe Parrish, NASA’s acting chief technologist.

Do you think we will one day fly in electric planes?

You can read more here in the Washington Post.

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