Disposable Printers: Good or Bad Idea?

Photo Credit: BitRebels.com

Many of us believe that long-lasting products are better for the environment, but is that always the case?

Designers Yuexun Chen and Chia-Chen Hsiao don’t think so. In fact, they came up with the idea to create a disposable printer that literally fits inside of your pocket. Crazy, right?

The tiny printer resembles a disposable camera—it’s a simple design that you use for a predetermined number of prints and throw out when you’re done. The casing is made from recycled paper and states the number of prints it is good for. When it’s used up, the paper casing is recycled and the inkjet disposed of.

So is this a genius idea or a novelty?

I’m not sure, but the concept reminds me of a disposable Polaroid camera. Except that there are two devices to carry around instead of one. Which could be a pain, right?

As for the environment, I can’t say without knowing more information. How much energy is used to construct each printer? What materials is it made of? Are the ink jets toxic? How are they disposed of? How many will people go through each year?

What do you think? Is this a good idea, a bad one, or simply mediocre?

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