Coffee-Powered Car Breaks World Record

I always knew that coffee has amazing powers. It wakes you up and allows you to be semi-coherent in the morning. It may also power your car one day…

A group of people in Durham, England found a way to turn used coffee grounds into fuel to power a car. The coffee car is equipped with a gasifier that burns organic material at high temperatures. Coffee grounds produce combustible gases when burned, which, after cleaning and cooling, are used to fuel an adapted combustion engine. This car not only works– it broke a Guinness World Record for vehicles run on organic waste with a speed of 66.5.

Of course it takes a lot of coffee grounds to power a car—way more than I can drink each morning. That’s why I came up with the brilliant idea of combining this with the coffee car with the car that runs off of recycled newspapers. Think about it: That way you could enjoy your morning coffee and paper guilt free. After all, you need fuel to get to the office, right?

(There is absolutely no scientific research to back up that last paragraph. In fact, I don’t think it could work because two different types of fuel are produced. It’s still a cool idea though.)

What do you think? Would you drive a car that runs off of used coffee grounds?

You can read more here.

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