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Our Process

The waste of obsolete electronic products that is commonly called “e-waste” is vast and growing, with estimates of 50 million tons per year generated worldwide. Many of these products contain hazardous chemicals and materials that must be handled responsibly.


The Process of Recycling Electronics

The E-Waste Disposal Process ImageThe waste of obsolete electronic products that is commonly called “e-waste” is vast and growing, with estimates of 50 million tons per year generated worldwide. Many of these products contain hazardous chemicals and materials that must be handled responsibly.

All Green is a collector and a recycler. This means that we not only come to your business or home and pick up your old electronics, but we also ensure that all of the material we collect is processed down to the basic commodities right here in North America. Most of the processing for the items we collect is conducted at our facilities in Southern California. Further processing is done at a partner facility in Northern California and the final refining process is done at a refiner in North America. Most items that we receive are manually dismantled as the first step to recovering all of the commodities. Items that cannot be dismantled in an efficient manner are put through a shredding process. Whole e-scrap or dismantled parts can be shredded down to pieces that are less than 2 inches in diameter. They can then be separated through a series of devices all connected via conveyor belts in a process that is 95% automated. The products sold include iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, glass, precious metal mix, and shredded circuit boards.

Want Equipment Refurbished?

Many electronic items given up as obsolete may still be of value after undergoing a cost-effective refurbishment. Our team of technicians tests all equipment and use our extensive inventory of parts and components to ensure inexpensive refurbishment of equipment for resale.

Want Equipment Resold?

Asset Recovery ImageWe resell equipment only if our customers have indicated it is acceptable to do so. Responsible electronics recycling means attempting to reuse equipment prior to recycling it. We will assess the value and resale potential of all items in order to identify items that may have value on an aftermarket.

Certain items that have significant value can even be resold in order to recoup up to 70% of the value for our customers. In order to increase the value of resalable items, we often refurbish, upgrade, clean, and repackage the equipment.

Want Equipment De-Manufactured?

For items that cannot be resold whole, the best course of action is often de-manufacturing. Electronics typically contain valuable components such as power supplies, CPUs, printed circuit boards, and memory chips that can be recovered and reused. We never resell anything that contains customer information.

Responsible Electronics Recycling

All Green Electronics Recycling has the breadth of services, depth of resources and nationwide partners, and facilities capable of serving the electronic waste recycling needs of all industries. All of the electronic products we handle are recycled and processed in North America using our own processing centers and other responsible recycling partner facilities. We do not send anything to developing nations for processing!

Reverse Logistics For All Electronic Equipment

Electronic Equipment ImageReverse Logistics and the management of returned, obsolete, or unwanted electronic inventories is a growing concern among manufacturers, resellers, and retailers. All Green provides full-service reverse logistics capabilities to facilitate returns processing, remanufacturing, demanufacturing, recycling electronic equipment.

All Green coordinates the retrieval and processing of your material through our nationwide network of facilities. We work directly with you, your customers, and your suppliers to ensure that processing takes place in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

All Green can take your company’s reverse logistics burden and turn it into a profit-generating opportunity while keeping excess obsolete products out of the marketplace.

• Disposal of Obsolete Inventory
• Returns Management
• Refurbishment & Remanufacturing
• Recycling
• Warranty Exchange

Reverse Logistics Process

We maximize your assets, minimize your costs, and help prevent degradation of current inventory values by obsolete products.

Reverse Logistics Services Include:

• Free Pickup and Drop-Off
• Working directly with you or your customers
• Processing returned merchandise, which can be put back into inventory, sold at liquidation centers, destroyed or disposed of
• Reconditioning, remanufacturing, and refurbishing products
• Properly disposing of outdated and inefficient equipment
• Setting up hazardous material collection programs

Electronics Recycling Solutions

All Green Electronics Recycling is proud to be offering a number of secure e-waste solutions to help keep the environment clean and waste free.