How Will Walmart Reduce Packaging?

It came with approximately 5 million metal twist ties holding the doll in the perfect position—in addition to the layers of clamsheWhen I was young, I always received at least one Barbie doll as a holiday gift. ll plastic and cardboard that made up the package itself.

In an attempt to save the sanity of the parents of young children (and okay, the environment too), Walmart is working with manufacturers to eliminate these metal twist ties. This keeps almost one billion feet of wire out of landfills each year.

This isn’t Walmart’s only attempt to reduce packaging. The company is attempting to reduce all packaging by 5 percent in 2013 by:

  • Rethinking products—Is the product itself efficient?
  • Rethinking processes—Is there a better way to ship the product?
  • Rethinking presentation—Do we really need 5 million twist ties on each Barbie doll?

If all companies asked these questions and made an effort to reduce packaging, we could prevent a lot of waste from entering landfills.

Will you be sad to see the metal twist ties disappear from children’s toys? What type of packaging would you reduce or eliminate?

You can read more about Walmart’s efforts at Treehugger.

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