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Do you have a camera that is broken or has become obsolete? Doesn’t it seem a shame to waste such advanced technology that just a few years ago was the cutting-edge? You’re right – for the responsible and ethic of our planet, recycling the precious metals and complex electronics in your camera is the right thing to do. All Green Electronics Recycling makes this easy for you. Read about our industry-leading camera recycling and disposal services below.

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We are experts in the field of camera equipment recycling and our knowledge and experience enables us to determine the most effective means of decommissioning both businesses and individuals’ outdated equipment. We recycle cameras in a manner than is safe, secure, and economically viable. We understand that when recycling a one-size-fits-all solution may only compound the challenges of equipment disposal. Should you require extended services, we can offer you a comprehensive ITAD strategy that saves you money and benefits the environment all at once. Recycling precious metals found in cameras allows us to protect our planet’s supply of non-renewable resources and even create revenue streams for you.


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We operate the largest fleet of IT recycling trucks in North America, which allows us to pick up your old equipment like cameras on-site in a cost-effective manner. We’ll arrange a pick-up time that is convenient for you. Recycling experts handle all labor related to equipment removal, including packaging, labeling, and loading the equipment. We offer clients the opportunity to track the progress of their recyclable equipment at every step of the process through our state-of-the-art online tracking website. Our goal is to offer clients a process that is streamlined and simple, making camera recycling effortless.


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We are aware that cameras may contain sensitive personal data and handle this responsibility with the utmost care. We have a proven track record of certified integrity and assurance as the recycling business that more businesses that any other trust daily. We possess certifications such as R2 Responsible Recycling, and ISO 14001. We manage every asset that passes through our hands with the great care and high ethical standards you should expect from a leading recycling service provider.


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Laws are in place across the country designed to prevent the disposal of equipment like cameras in an unsafe and inefficient manner. A single violation of these laws can result in costly fines and irrevocable damage to your company’s reputation. We understand your company’s good name is invaluable and we are committed to ensuring your company is protected. We go above and beyond to comply with government guidelines. We ensure that 100% of items are recycled, protecting your company from risk and helping to ensure the long term sustainability of our planet.

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The demand for cameras is slowly declining with the increase of smartphones. Many consumers simply don’t need a separate camera if they can snap a shot and email it within minutes through their smartphone. Therefore, cameras are a popular item that people sell, give away or even throw away. There is a fourth, better option – recycling.

The Benefits of Recycling your Camera

Camera Recycling ImageCamera recycling conserves natural resources while simultaneously reducing landfill waste. The materials, such as plastic, metals and precious metals, can be recovered and reused. This reduces the environmental impact and energy demands that result from manufacturing cameras. The precious metals used in making new camera circuit boards, such as gold, copper and mercury, are mined and manufactured in harmful ways to the environment, often in poor conditions in third world countries. Finally, not manufacturing new cameras reduces commercial transportation coast, which in turn saves oil and gas.

Recycling Cameras also reduces the electronic waste that is exported to foreign countries. The EPA estimates that 50 to 80 percent of recycled electronics are sent to third world countries. This unfortunately creates toxic wastelands where impoverished people work long hours to salvage the materials in dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

The Recyclable Materials in Cameras

Most of the materials used to make cameras can be recovered and recycled. This includes metals and plastics. Camera circuit boards contain precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium. All circuit boards contain base metals such as tin, lead, iron, zinc, copper, nickel and aluminum. Keep in mind that our customers can often get paid for certain valuable metals and materials found in the equipment they recycle.

The Harmful Materials in Cameras

Camera circuit boards contain led and mercury, both which have negative effects on the environment, humans, and the ecosystem. They also contain small amount of hazardous elements such as barium and beryllium. When these materials are dumped in a landfill, they contaminate the soil and water. Responsibly recycling your camera protects your community and the environment.

Protect the environment with All Green Camera Recycling

Customers can recycle their cameras by having us pick up the camera free of charge. Otherwise, customers can drop off the camera at one of our nationwide drop off locations. As an added bonus, customers can track their items through the All Green Electronics Recycling website during the camera recycling process. We guarantee customer privacy by wiping all data with state-of-the-art equipment. We first try to repair or re-use the camera and if needed, ethically recycle them for their precious metals and materials.