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Electronics Recycling in Hillsborough

Recycling old electronic devices in Hillsborough, California is convenient and hassle-free with All Green Recycling. Trust our proven IT Asset Disposition, IT Asset Remarketing, and Equipment Destruction.


Electronics Recycling

We recycle, remarket, and even donate old and retiring tech products such as computers, mobile phones, etc.

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IT Asset Disposition

We have a wide array of ITAD services that can cater to your e-waste recycling needs in Hillsborough.  

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Data Destruction

We have world-class Data Destruction solutions for you. We can help you delete the sensitive data digitally.

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Equipment Destruction

With our certified Equipment Destruction service, you will never go wrong. Try us deliver excellent results.

Electronics Recycling Hillsborough Services By All Green

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Technological advancement has changed people’s lives at great speed. Social networking has been robust over the years due to the discovery and production of tech-related products. Communication has been instantaneous and simultaneous as people create imaginary communities through the web connections. But…there’s also adverse impacts on us. E-waste has been a problem not only locally but also globally. Environmental issues have been bombarding the global landscape. If we do not act today to recycle minute IT and telecommunication equipment such as mobile phones, pocket calculators, GPS, personal computers, routers, telephones, and printers, time will come that we can no longer control the massive effects of hazardous substances to the environment and our lives. That’s why All Green has offered Electronics Recycling Hillsborough Services in California.

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Hillsborough, California

It is an incorporated town in San Mateo County. It is mainly located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It had a population of 11,273 in 2013. Located 17 miles or 27 km south of San Francisco right on the San Francisco Peninsula, the borderline of this town is San Mateo to the east, Burlingame to the north, Interstate 280 to the west, and Highlands-Baywood Park to the south.

List of Items to Recycle with All Green

Hillsborough Electronics Recycling: Credible and Optimized

IT Asset Disposition

Recycle Electronic Waste

Our e-waste recycling services are reliable. We already have proven such reliability to our customers over the years. We process and treat all types of retiring tech items. Our primary objective is to keep our landfill spaces away from the impacts of hazardous chemicals and substances. All electronic products contain mercury, cadmium, lead, zinc, and other metals. When they’re deposited in the landfills, they can contaminate the soil, the underground water, and even lakes and seas.

Be with us today in promoting a green environment through adopting a responsible electronics recycling process. Rest assured that with All Green, you’re in safe and good hands.

Nationwide Collection Centers

We have widespread drop-off locations. We’re doing this to make sure that we can cater to the needs of our customers all over the country. We also have an extensive network of recycling partners and agents. All you have to do now is to contact us for our free quotes and other necessary details.