Upcycle Old CDs

Do you remember those old AOL trial CD-ROMs?

When I was in eighth grade, I had a science project that required some old CDs. We were told a couple of months in advance, so we’d have time to find them. My parents saved all of the free CDs and accepted one every time it was offered. We collected dozens. I needed four.

You can always recycle old CDs (and please do), but there are also some interesting ways to upcycle them.

I recently read this post by 1-800-Recycling that suggested using them to make a mosaic, a candle display, a garden pest deterrent, and more.

I personally think old CDs used to make some interesting artwork or wall hangings. The way the light reflects on them is beautiful.

What do you do with your old CDs?  

Inspiration for this post was found at 1-800-Recycling.

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