80-Foot Tower Created from 30,000 Books

This 82-foot-tall tower was built with over 30,000 used books. Isn’t it an amazing concept?

Image Credit: Estrella Herrera/Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

This modern “Tower of Babel” was created in Buenos Aires by artist Marta Minujín. It is made up of used books in dozens of languages from around the world, donated by libraries, embassies, and book enthusiasts. It stood from May 7 to May 28, 2011, and when it was taken down, some visitors were able to take home the books.

For anyone wondering, the books were protected from the elements in plastic bags. I hope they were recycled bags…

What do you do with your old books?

The inspiration for this post was found at 1-800-Recycling. For cool e-waste creations, check out the WEEE man and the e-waste robot.

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