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Electronics Recycling in Shafter

Wherever you are in Shafter All Green Electronics Recycling is always ready to serve you 7 days every week.


Electronics Recycling

Recycling old electronic equipment like computers and mobile phones is the expertise of All Green Recycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD solutions are world-class and reliable. Let us dispose of all your marketable assets like TV sets.

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Data Destruction

Destroying old computers and hard drives is important. It can protect your business from data breaches risks.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying EOL and defective computers is a must for your business brand to be tightly protected and shielded.

Electronics Recycling Shafter Services By All Green

Shafter-EwasteAre you looking for an e-waste solution provider in town? Recycling old electronic products is important these days. The negative impacts of cadmium, copper, mercury, and other metals should be avoided. The only solution to the problems associated to e-waste is proper handling and management. That’s why we have to embrace a tested electronics recycling system. Good news today because All Green Recycling is operating in this location. We offer Electronics Recycling Shafter Services.

Where is Shafter?

Shafter is a city located in Kern County in the San Joaquin Valley area. This city is home to two structures on the National Register of Historic Places: the Green Hotel and the Shafter Historical Society.

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IT Asset Disposition

EcyclingInstead of throwing away the e-waste products in the garbage bins, call our attention and let us help you recycle, reuse, and remarket them. We have to reduce the environmental risks we’re facing today due to those metallic elements. The presence of computers, mobile phones, printers, TV sets and other tech items should be stopped. Proper management and handling is badly needed.

Scheduling an e-waste pickup should be done to start enjoying our service. If not then you can look for our nearest drop-off location. Either way you can be assured that our premium e-waste services can help you.

We offer IT Asset Remarketing to help you earn from your disposable IT equipment. We will be paying you a maximum of 70% for letting us recycle and remarket your profitable tech goods. The profit you can earn here can be used to reduce the cost for technology replacement.

Shafter Electronics Recycling Location

Today you have the chance to recycle the items specified below.

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