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Protect your brand with our reliable, secure and environmentally friendly way to dispose of backup tapes. Our custom data destruction services allow us to shred and pulverise media tapes and other electronic media.

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On-Site Tape Backup Shredding

If your company uses magnetic tape media such as VHS tapes, audio cassette, floppy disks, digital linear tape, Mammoth, Travan, or any other form of digital media tape device, then our secure on-site tape backup shredding service can destroy your legacy cartridges.

Don’t treat your digital media lightly. Failure to destroy backup tapes properly could result in a privacy or security breach. We are HIPAA, DOD, and NAID certified for secure data destruction and confidential information protection.

We Shred (Almost) Any Media

Our state-of-the-art media shredding machine can completely destroy your tape backup cartridges by grinding the media into tiny pieces – less than 10mm in size. And any data that was stored on the tapes is then unable to be recovered – so your data is mechanically destroyed beyond retrieval. Best of all, we can shred all of your recorded tape media cartridges, regardless of the make and model. The types of tapes we commonly

No matter what make or model, we can destroy your tape backups, including:

      • 8MM
      • AIT
      • DAT
      • DDS
      • DLT
      • DTF
      • IBM 3570, 3590, 3592
      • LTO
      • Magstar
      • MO
      • QIC
      • RDX
      • SDLT
      • T10000
      • TRAVAN
      • UDO
      • VXA

The Right Choice for Your Data

As premier providers of secure data destruction services, All Green offer a range of media shredding options including on-site and off-site tape backup shredding and recycling with a comprehensive, documented process of destruction. Using our Green Pulse® proprietary software, we can provide serial number reporting, secure real time asset tracking and logistics throughout the entire destruction process. 

Our state-of-the-art secure e-waste recycling and disposal facilities are fully certified according to standards set by the highest ranking bodies, allowing us to provide full chain of custody documentation so that your business is covered.

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