New e-waste laws make everyone recycle

Many people have electronics sitting around in their attic or garage that they want to get rid of. With new e-waste laws, these items must be disposed of at designated electronics drop-off places.

According to Electronics TakeBack Coalition, 65 percent of Americans are affected by e-waste laws. Laws either prohibit what can be thrown in the trash or mandate that manufacturers provide recycling programs.

The most recent states to jump on the bandwagon are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, South Carolina, Indiana, and New York. In Pennsylvania, guidelines were regarding e-waste disposal were passed in November 2010, and in New Jersey and Indiana, the laws went into effect on New Year’s Day. In New York, a law will go into effect in April 2011 that allows residents to recycle electronics for free. In Vermont and South Carolina, the law will go into effect on July 1, 2011.

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